Roadpoint RP01N

Manufacturer: Roadpoint Limited

Roadpoint RP01N Vehicle GPS Tracker is highly acclaimed, thanks to the proficiency of our skilled experts, ensuring superior quality.

Key Features of Roadpoint RP01N:

  1. GPS Positioning and GPRS Real-Time Reporting: Facilitates precise GPS positioning with real-time GPRS location reporting to the platform server.
  2. ACC Ignition Detection: RP01N Includes ACC ignition detection for accurate monitoring of vehicle ignition status.
  3. Real-time Tracking: RP01N Offers real-time tracking capabilities for cars, trucks, and motorcycles, enhancing overall security and efficiency.
  4. Geo-fence Functionality: Incorporates geo-fence functionality, allowing users to set virtual boundaries for added security.
  5. SMS and Platform Location Checks: Enables easy location checks via SMS and platform, ensuring user friendly and convenient access.
  6. Anti-Theft Alarm: RP01N Provides an external power disconnect alarm to deter theft and enhance vehicle security.
  7. Built-in High-Sensitive Antennas: Features built-in high-sensitive GPS and GSM antennas for robust and reliable signal reception.
  8. Remote Engine Control: Allows for the remote stopping and restoration of the engine, giving control and security.
  9. Internal Memory Support: Supports internal memory for storing up to 20,000 GPS data points, providing data integrity even in non-GSM areas.
  10. SOS Button for Emergency Alarm: RP01N Includes an SOS button for emergency alarms, enhancing safety and rapid response.
  11. Voice Monitor Function: Incorporates a voice monitor function for additional monitoring capabilities.
  12. Inflexion Point Location Supplement Upload: Provides inflexion point location supplement upload for comprehensive and accurate tracking.


In essence, our RP01N Vehicle GPS Tracker stands out for its unmatched quality and an array of features designed for effective and reliable vehicle tracking. With precise GPS positioning, real time reporting, anti theft measures, and user friendly functionalities, it ensures a comprehensive solution for vehicle security and management.

The tracker’s capacity to store GPS data internally ensures data integrity even in areas with no GSM coverage, demonstrating its reliability and resilience.

Integration of the device is subject to the terms and conditions of our software.