Manufacturer: RELYEON

RELYEON AIS 140 GPS certified GPS tracking device, a product that undergoes rigorous ICAT testing and certification. This certification ensures adherence to industry standards, guaranteeing a reliable and efficient tracking solution.

Versatile Fleet Monitoring

Designed to meet the diverse needs of fleet management, the AIS 140 certified GPS tracking device by RelyEon enables real-time tracking and monitoring of various vehicles within a fleet. This functionality empowers fleet managers with the flexibility to respond promptly to dynamic situations.

Remote Control and Immobilization

A standout feature of this GPS tracking device is its capability for remote immobilization. Fleet managers can swiftly disable or reroute vehicles as needed, enhancing operational control and security measures.

Security Alerts for Enhanced Safety

The AIS 140 certified GPS tracking device goes beyond basic tracking. It comes equipped with a theft alert system and a built-in panic alert. Fleet managers receive immediate notifications in case of emergencies, ensuring a rapid and effective response to critical situations.

Advanced Features for Comprehensive Tracking

This compact device boasts additional advanced features:

  • IRNSS Module: Ensures accurate and reliable positioning through the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System.
  • Geo-fencing: Enables the creation of virtual boundaries, providing alerts when vehicles enter or exit designated areas.
  • Geotagging: Adds location-based metadata, enhancing the contextual understanding of tracked data.

SEO-Friendly Tracking Solutions

Investing in the AIS 140 certified GPS tracking device by RelyEon not only ensures compliance with standards but also unlocks a world of SEO-friendly features. From real-time tracking to remote control capabilities, this device aligns with the demands of modern fleet management, enhancing both efficiency and security.


In conclusion, RELYEON AIS 140 GPS certified GPS tracking device stands as a beacon of reliability in the realm of fleet management. With its certification, advanced features, and focus on security, this device offers a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking efficient and SEO-friendly tracking options. Elevate your fleet management strategy with RelyEon’s cutting-edge technology.