Queclink GV65 Plus

Manufacturer: Queclink
GV65 Plus

Queclink GV65 Plus enhances the capabilities of the GV65 model by incorporating an internal battery. This addition ensures uninterrupted functionality, even when the external power supply is disconnected for vehicle maintenance or in case of abnormal events. Tailored to meet the specific needs of fleet management in Europe, this product features a 1-wire interface that enables customers to extend its capabilities. It incorporates options like temperature monitoring and driver ID identification.

The device supports CAN data capture through connectivity to the CAN100 accessory and offers I/O expansion via our extender products. Its compact size and optional external antenna make it suitable for accurate GNSS positioning in complex environments or when discreet installation is necessary. Beyond fleet management, the GV65 Plus has demonstrated effectiveness in diverse applications, including logistics, courier and dispatch, and long-distance trucking.

Compact Vehicle Tracker with Internal Battery

  1. Streamlined design for enhanced portability
  2. Versatile I/O options, including 1-wire interface, digital, and analog I/O
  3. Compatibility with various accessories, such as temperature sensors and driver ID readers
  4. Capability to connect to an external CAN adapter for extracting information from vehicle buses (CAN bus and J1708)

The GV65 Plus stands out for its adaptability, catering to various tracking needs efficiently. Its compact size facilitates seamless installation and portability. This makes it an ideal choice for fleet managers seeking a versatile tracking solution. The 1-wire interface not only adds flexibility to its functionalities but also extends its utility to include features like temperature monitoring and driver ID identification.

The inclusion of an internal battery not only improves the device’s resilience but also ensures continuous operation. Even in situations where the external power source is temporarily disconnected. This proves beneficial for vehicle maintenance or during unexpected events. The Queclink GV65 Plus goes beyond the standard fleet management requirements, offering a flexible and robust solution for diverse applications in the European market and beyond.