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Queclink GV600WG

Manufacturer: Queclink

Queclink GV600WG stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of trailer tracking. Leveraging UMTS/GSM technology, this cutting-edge product offers global applicability, ensuring seamless connectivity for heavy-duty vehicles across diverse geographical locations.

Ruggedized and Waterproof Design for Harsh Environments

Engineered for durability, the GV600WG boasts a ruggedized and waterproof case, complying with IP67 standards. This robust design makes it a reliable companion for heavy transportation scenarios, while including fuel and chemical transportation, where harsh environments are the norm.

Extended Battery Life for Uninterrupted Tracking

One of the standout features of the GV600WG is its internal large battery pack, providing an impressive 120-day standby time. This extended battery life is a game-changer, allowing the device to operate without external power for up to three months. This makes it an ideal solution for tracking trailers, even when temporarily disconnected.

Versatile BLE Wireless Accessories

The GV600WG doesn’t just stop at tracking; it offers versatility through a range of pre-integrated wired and BLE wireless accessories. These accessories, offered by Queclink or carefully selected partners, enhance the device’s functionality. From BLE temperature and humidity sensors to key fobs and I/O expanders, users have a toolkit for tailoring the device to specific fleet industry needs.

Tailored for Trailers, Tankers, and Flatbed Trucks

Designed with diversity in mind, the GV600WG finds its ideal application in various heavy-duty vehicles. Whether it’s tracking trailers, tankers, or flatbed trucks, this tracker proves its mettle in addressing the unique challenges of each scenario. Its adaptability makes it a valuable asset for a spectrum of fleet industries.

In conclusion, the Queclink GV600WG emerges as a top-tier UMTS/GSM rechargeable ruggedized trailer tracker. It offers a harmonious blend of global connectivity, robust design, extended battery life, and versatile accessory integration. Fleet managers in heavy transportation can harness the power of this solution to enhance efficiency, security, and monitoring capabilities, setting a new standard in trailer tracking technology.