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Queclink GV56RS

Manufacturer: Queclink

Queclink GV56RS, a cost-effective GNSS tracker meticulously engineered for diverse vehicle tracking applications. With its compact size, this mini tracker packs a powerful punch, while offering an array of features designed to elevate your tracking experience.

Versatile Digital/Analog I/Os for Enhanced Connectivity

The GV56RS stands out with its multiple digital/analog I/Os, providing unparalleled connectivity. The inclusion of a half duplex RS485 serial port and a 1-wire interface expands the tracker’s capabilities, while making it adaptable to various tracking needs.

Built-in Bluetooth for Seamless Connectivity

Equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 and BLE 4.0 technology, the GV56RS ensures seamless connectivity. This built-in Bluetooth feature not only enhances communication capabilities but also opens doors for innovative applications in the realm of vehicle tracking.

Comprehensive Feature Set for Enhanced Control

The GV56RS doesn’t just stop at tracking; it also offers a comprehensive set of features to provide enhanced control over your vehicles. From motion detection and geo-fencing to driving behavior monitoring and emergency alarms, this tracker keeps you informed and in control.

OTA Control and Scheduled Timing Reports

Embrace the convenience of Over-The-Air (OTA) control, allowing you to manage and update the tracker remotely. Scheduled timing reports add another layer of efficiency, ensuring that you receive timely and relevant data for informed decision-making.

External Power Monitoring for Uninterrupted Operation

Worried about power? The GV56RS has you covered with external power monitoring, ensuring uninterrupted operation. Stay connected and in control, knowing that the tracker is optimized for long-lasting performance.

Tow Alarm and Ignition Detection for Enhanced Security

Enhance the security of your vehicles with tow alarms and ignition detection. The GV56RS goes beyond simple tracking, offering advanced features to safeguard your assets against unauthorized activities.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Tracking Experience with GV56RS

In conclusion, the Queclink GV56RS is not just a tracker; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to elevate your vehicle tracking experience. With its compact size, versatile connectivity options, and an extensive feature set, this cost-effective GNSS tracker is poised to meet the demands of various tracking applications. Upgrade to the GV56RS and unlock a new era of precision and control in vehicle tracking.