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Queclink GV56

Manufacturer: Queclink
Queclink GV56

Queclink GV56 stands out as our most cost-effective solution designed for various light vehicle tracking applications. It ranges from usage-based insurance and car rental to stolen vehicle recovery and logistics. Its compact size and affordability make it a versatile choice for businesses seeking efficient fleet management solutions. The GV56 is optimized with multiple I/Os, facilitating fuel cut-off, ignition detection, and integration with a single analog sensor. Additionally, it supports driver ID identification through either 1-wire or BLE technology.

In terms of connectivity and monitoring capabilities, the GV56 doesn’t disappoint. Its compatibility with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology extends to accessories such as BLE temperature and humidity sensors, BLE key fobs, and BLE CAN readers. These features enhance the overall functionality of the device and provide businesses with valuable insights into their vehicle operations.

The flexibility of the GV56 is further emphasized by its support for two-way voice communication, offering an added layer of communication between the fleet manager and drivers. This feature contributes to improved communication efficiency and allows for quick response in critical situations.

For businesses looking to enhance their fleet management capabilities, the GV56 is an ideal choice. Its wide range of supported accessories, including BLE-based fuel and weight monitoring solutions from our partners. This makes it a comprehensive and adaptable solution for various tracking needs.

In conclusion, Queclink GV56 is a cost-effective, compact, and feature-rich micro vehicle tracker that goes beyond simple tracking. Its versatility, coupled with support for BLE technology and two-way voice communication, makes it an excellent option for businesses seeking efficient and integrated solutions for their light vehicle tracking requirements.

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