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Queclink GV55W

Manufacturer: Queclink

The GV55W is the WCDMA/3G rendition of the GV55. It is a smaller than expected measured and simple to-convey telematics item permitting undercover establishment. It is great for use in light vehicle following applications like vehicle rental and renting, utilization based protection, and purchase here pay here.


Queclink GV55W this mini-sized telematics product is designed for easy deployment, allowing covert installation and making it an ideal choice for various light vehicle tracking applications. Whether you’re in car rental and leasing, usage-based insurance, or buy here pay here services, the GV55W series offers a reliable and proven solution with numerous installations globally. Let’s explore the key features that set the GV55W apart and make it an excellent choice for efficient vehicle tracking.

Key Features

1. WCDMA/GSM Connectivity for Enhanced Performance Enjoy the benefits of WCDMA/3G connectivity with the GV55W, ensuring faster and more reliable communication. This feature enhances the overall performance of the tracker, providing you with real-time and efficient tracking capabilities.

2. Widely Deployed Worldwide Join a global community of satisfied users with the GV55W series, which has achieved widespread deployment around the world. This market-proven product has earned the trust of users across diverse regions, emphasizing its reliability and effectiveness in real-world applications.

3. Digital I/O for Advanced Functionality The GV55W series goes beyond basic tracking with its digital I/O capabilities. It enables ignition detection, remote immobilization, and the utilization of a panic button. These advanced features give users greater control and monitoring options for their vehicles.

4. Driving Behavior Monitoring and Crash Detection Stay informed about your vehicle’s performance and safety with the GV55W’s support for driving behavior monitoring and crash detection. This functionality provides valuable insights into the vehicle’s usage and enables a prompt response in the event of an unforeseen incident.

5. Market-Proven UBI Data Compression and Filtering Benefit from the GV55W’s market-proven usage-based insurance (UBI) data compression and filtering capabilities. This ensures that the transmitted data is optimized for efficiency. It allows for seamless integration with insurance and monitoring systems while reducing unnecessary data load.

In conclusion, Queclink GV55W series stands as a compact and efficient solution for WCDMA/3G mini vehicle tracking. It offers a host of features that cater to the diverse needs of users worldwide. Whether you’re focused on enhancing security, monitoring driving behavior, or integrating with insurance systems, the GV55W is your reliable partner in effective telematics. Choose GV55W for a streamlined and powerful vehicle tracking experience.