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Queclink GV500MAP

Manufacturer: Queclink
Queclink GV500MAP

Queclink GV500MAP stands out as a cutting-edge LTE product designed for seamless integration through its OBDII port plug-and-play installation. With a focus on delivering unparalleled GPS performance, while this compact tracker is tailored for various applications. It ranges from light truck tracking to breakdown assistance and new driver monitoring. Let’s explore the key features that make the GV500MAP a game-changer in the vehicle tracking landscape.

Global LTE Connectivity for Uninterrupted Tracking

Embracing LTE Cat M1/NB1 technology with a reliable 2G fallback mechanism, the GV500MAP ensures a robust and global connectivity solution. This unique antenna solution also guarantees consistent performance, making it a versatile choice for diverse tracking applications.

Plug and Play Convenience with ISO CAN Bus Compatibility

Designed for user-friendly installation, the GV500MAP supports plug-and-play functionality, minimizing setup hassles. Its capability to reliably read ISO CAN Bus data adds an extra layer of compatibility, while ensuring seamless integration with a wide range of vehicles.

BLE 4.2 Support for Enhanced Connectivity

Incorporating Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.2, the GV500MAP extends its connectivity options. This feature facilitates seamless communication with compatible devices, enhancing the overall versatility and utility of the tracker.

Ideal for Modern Vehicles

Tailored to meet the needs of contemporary vehicles, the GV500MAP is compatible with vehicles manufactured after 2008, making it a relevant choice for the current US market. This forward-looking design ensures compatibility with the latest vehicle technologies.

Optimal GNSS Performance for Accurate Tracking

Equipped with two orthogonal GNSS antennas, the GV500MAP prioritizes optimal GNSS performance. This advanced feature ensures accurate tracking, even in challenging environments. This makes it an ideal solution for usage-based insurance (UBI), car leasing, and fleet management applications.

In conclusion, the Queclink GV500MAP emerges as a comprehensive solution for modern vehicle tracking needs. Its global LTE connectivity, user-friendly design, and support for advanced technologies position it as a reliable choice for businesses looking to enhance their tracking capabilities. Whether for fleet management or individual vehicle monitoring, the GV500MAP sets the standard for efficiency and performance in the evolving landscape of vehicle tracking.