Queclink GV350CEU

Manufacturer: Queclink

Queclink GV350CEU emerges as the avant-garde telematics solution, boasting LTE Cat 1 capability for seamless connectivity. This next-generation device is meticulously crafted to cater to diverse vehicle types, including heavy trucks, light commercial vehicles, and passenger cars. It introduces high-precision positioning GNSS modules, ensuring accurate and reliable tracking.

Advanced Vehicle Data Readout

Designed to elevate vehicle tracking to new heights. The GV350CEU takes a giant leap forward by reading advanced vehicle data from heavy trucks through its CAN and J1708 interfaces. This innovative approach avoids interference with vehicle bus wiring or data ports, streamlining the integration process.

Support for Diverse Accessories

The device’s prowess extends beyond basic tracking with its support for a multitude of pre-integrated accessories. Through interfaces like RS232 serial ports and the 1-wire interface, the GV350CEU seamlessly integrates with accessories from Queclink or our selected partners. This opens up possibilities for additional functionalities, such as fuel level monitoring and driver identification, enhancing the telematics experience.

BLE Connectivity for Wireless Accessories

Equipped with built-in BLE technology, the GV350CEU provides connectivity to a range of wireless accessories. This includes BLE beacons and temperature monitoring sensors, while ensuring a comprehensive and versatile telematics solution.

A Glimpse into the Future with BLE 5.2

As technology advances, so does the GV350CEU. Supporting BLE 5.2, it embraces the latest standards in Bluetooth technology, guaranteeing enhanced performance, improved range, and increased data transfer speeds.

In conclusion, the Queclink GV350CEU stands at the forefront of telematics evolution. Combining LTE Cat 1 prowess, advanced vehicle data integration, support for diverse accessories, and cutting-edge BLE connectivity. Businesses seeking an advanced telematics solution with future-ready features need look no further than the GV350CEU.

** Integration is tailored to meet specific requirements, subject to applicable terms and conditions of our software.