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Queclink GMT200

Manufacturer: Queclink

Queclink GMT200 is not just a tracker; it’s a tailored solution designed specifically for biking enthusiasts. Its compact design ensures flexibility in installation, catering to motorcycles of any size. Queclink’s innovative approach, featuring zero power consumption and an advanced power management algorithm, sets the GMT200 apart, while providing bikers the freedom to leave their motorcycles unattended for extended periods without the worry of a flat battery.

Key Features of the GMT200

1. Compact Size for Ultimate Flexibility The GMT200 boasts a compact size, while allowing bikers the freedom to install it effortlessly on motorcycles of all sizes. This design ensures a seamless integration without compromising the aesthetics of your prized possession.

2. Waterproof Design (IPX6 Compliant) Ride with confidence in any weather conditions. The GMT200 is built with a waterproof design, it complies with IPX6 standards. This feature ensures durability and reliability, while protecting the tracker from water splashes and rain.

3. Zero Power Consumption When Ignition is Off Experience the revolutionary zero power consumption feature of the GMT200 when your motorcycle’s ignition is off. This innovation also ensures that the tracker remains in a power-saving mode. It extends the battery life and allows bikers to leave their motorcycles unattended for prolonged periods without concerns about a drained battery.

4. Ideal for Watercraft Tracking and Motorcycle Monitoring Applications The versatility of the GMT200 extends beyond motorcycles. It’s an ideal solution for watercraft tracking and also monitoring applications, offering a comprehensive tracking solution for various recreational vehicles.

The GMT200 goes beyond traditional tracking; it provides unique monitoring and alerts for bike movement or topple, offering an early warning system for potential theft. This advanced feature enhances security and peace of mind, ensuring that bikers are promptly notified of any suspicious activity.

In conclusion, Queclink GMT200 is more than just a tracker – it’s a dedicated companion for biking enthusiasts. Its compact size, waterproof design, zero power consumption, and versatile applications make it the ultimate choice for motorcycle tracking and monitoring. Experience the freedom to ride without worries, knowing that the GMT200 has you covered.

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