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Queclink GL52S

Manufacturer: Queclink

Queclink GL52S, the first of our Sigfox-integrated products, tailored for stolen vehicle recovery, inventory control, stationary asset monitoring, and other tracking management applications requiring a compact size and a battery life exceeding four years. This innovative product exemplifies Queclink’s dedication to investing in emerging technologies. LPWA solutions, such as Sigfox, offer a low-power alternative, making them ideal for battery-powered applications.

Key Features

1. Cutting-Edge Sigfox Technology for Efficient Tracking Experience advanced tracking capabilities with the GL52S, a Sigfox tracking device that supports GNSS positioning. Enjoy real-time and also accurate tracking for various applications.

2. Over 4-Year Standby Time Benefit from a prolonged standby time exceeding four years, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring. The GL52S is designed for long-term deployments while making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking extended asset tracking.

3. Micro Size Allowing Covert Installation Maximize versatility with the GL52S’s micro size, allowing for discreet and covert installations. This feature is especially valuable for applications where inconspicuous tracking is essential.

4. Resistant to Existing Jamming Techniques Ensure the security of your tracking data with the GL52S’s resistance to existing jamming techniques. Enjoy reliable tracking performance without interference.

5. IP67 Waterproof Case (Optional) Add an extra layer of protection with the optional IP67 waterproof case. This feature ensures the GL52S remains operational even in challenging environmental conditions.

6. Ideal for Asset Monitoring and Stolen Vehicle Recovery Tailored for asset monitoring and stolen vehicle recovery, the GL52S is a comprehensive solution for businesses and industries requiring efficient and reliable tracking of assets.

In conclusion, Queclink GL52S stands as a pioneering Sigfox micro standby asset tracker, combining advanced technology with an emphasis on prolonged battery life. Whether for inventory control, stolen vehicle recovery, or asset monitoring, the GL52S delivers also reliable and efficient tracking solutions. Choose the GL52S for cutting-edge technology that meets the demands of modern tracking applications.