Queclink GL52LP

Manufacturer: Queclink

Queclink GL52LP, a groundbreaking LoRa-integrated product designed for stationary asset monitoring, inventory control, and other tracking management applications that demand both compact size and a battery life exceeding 4 years. As Queclink continues to invest in emerging technologies, the GL52LP exemplifies our commitment to innovation. Leveraging Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) solutions like LoRa, this tracking device offers a remarkably low-power alternative for battery-powered applications. With a GNSS receiver and motion sensor, it excels in location and motion detection.

Key Features

1. Cutting-Edge LoRa Technology for Enhanced Tracking Experience the power of LoRa technology in asset tracking. The GL52LP boasts LoRa integration, providing reliable and efficient tracking capabilities while optimizing power consumption for extended battery life.

2. Over 4-Year Standby Time Enjoy uninterrupted monitoring with an impressive standby time exceeding 4 years. The GL52LP ensures long-lasting performance, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring extended periods of asset tracking.

3. Micro Size for Covert Installation Benefit from a compact and discreet design that allows for covert installation. The micro size of the GL52LP makes it versatile for various tracking scenarios while maintaining a low profile.

4. Resistant to Existing Jamming Techniques Ensure the security of your tracking data with the GL52LP’s resistance to existing jamming techniques. Experience reliable and interference-free tracking in diverse environments.

5. Optional IP67 Waterproof Case Enhance durability with the optional IP67 waterproof case. This feature adds an extra layer of protection, making the GL52LP resilient in challenging weather conditions and environments.

6. Ideal for Asset Monitoring Tailored for asset monitoring, the GL52LP is a comprehensive solution for businesses and industries seeking efficient and long-term tracking of stationary assets.

In conclusion, Queclink GL52LP stands as a revolutionary LoRa micro standby asset tracker, combining advanced technology with an emphasis on prolonged battery life. Whether for inventory control or asset monitoring, the GL52LP delivers reliable and efficient tracking solutions. Choose the GL52LP for cutting-edge technology that meets the demands of modern tracking applications.