Queclink GL300W

Manufacturer: Queclink

Queclink GL300W stands as the WCDMA/3G iteration renowned GL300 series, a frontrunner among asset trackers with widespread global deployments. This versatile tracker finds applications in various fields requiring real-time location insights, including private investigations, package delivery, temporary vehicle tracking, long-distance transportation, endurance racing, animal management, and other consumer uses. As a market leader in reliable battery-powered asset trackers, our GL300 series remains unparalleled, maintaining its position at the forefront in battery life and overall performance.

Key Features of the GL300W

1. WCDMA/GSM Connectivity for Enhanced Performance Benefit from advanced WCDMA/3G connectivity, ensuring seamless and reliable communication. The GL300W offers enhanced data transmission capabilities, keeping you informed in real-time.

2. Global Deployment Success of GL300 Series Products The GL300 series has garnered global acclaim and successful deployment, especially in North America. Its widespread usage across diverse regions testifies to its effectiveness and reliability in various tracking applications.

3. Extended Standby Time with Internal Battery Enjoy extended monitoring without constant recharging. The GL300W’s internal battery boasts an impressive standby time of up to 410 hours, particularly when reporting once every 10 minutes. This feature ensures long-lasting performance and minimizes downtime.

4. Versatile Accessories for Enhanced Functionality Customize your tracking experience with additional accessories. The GL300W supports external battery kits, such as the 17600mAh variant, catering to extended usage requirements. The IP67 waterproof magnetic holder adds durability and adaptability to various tracking scenarios.

5. Ideal for Personal Security and Comprehensive Monitoring Whether it’s ensuring personal security or monitoring valuable assets and vehicles, the GL300W is your go-to solution. Its multifunctional design caters to a broad spectrum of applications, providing users with peace of mind and real-time insights.

In conclusion, Queclink GL300W stands as the pinnacle of WCDMA/GSM asset tracking technology. With its global success, extended battery life, and versatile features, it continues to set the standard for reliable and efficient real-time monitoring. Choose the GL300W for unparalleled performance in asset and vehicle tracking.


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