Queclink GB100P

Manufacturer: Queclink

Introducing the Queclink GB100P, an upgraded iteration of the renowned GB100 model, now equipped with a cutting-edge 6-axis accelerometer. This enhancement ensures precise accident data, with sampling rates reaching an impressive 1600 times per second. This advancement propels the device into a new realm of accuracy, especially crucial for insurance-related data acquisition.

BLE Compatibility for Versatile Applications

One of the standout features of the GB100P is its integration of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This addition brings a new level of versatility, making the device compatible with a myriad of wireless accessories. The versatility introduced by BLE extends its suitability beyond insurance data acquisition, opening doors to a broader range of applications.

Streamlined Installation for Cost Efficiency

Designed with the usage-based insurance (UBI) market in mind, the GB100P offers a cost-effective solution by mounting directly on the vehicle battery. This design choice significantly lowers installation costs, allowing for swift and secure installation in under five minutes.

Proven Performance in UBI Projects Worldwide

The GB100 series, to which the GB100P belongs, has garnered global success through its deployment in large UBI projects. Insurers and service providers worldwide have benefited from its accurate and reliable data, even when situated under the metal hood of a vehicle engine.

Robust and Water-Resistant Design

Ensuring stability and reliability, the GB100P boasts a water-resistant and robust design, compliant with IP65 standards. This feature ensures optimal performance, even when installed in the demanding environment of a vehicle’s engine compartment.

Internal Accelerometer for Crash Data Precision

The internal 6-axis accelerometer is a key component of the GB100P, contributing to the precision of crash data packets. With one-second GPS sampling, this device captures crucial information in the event of an accident, enhancing the overall effectiveness of telematics.

Ideal for UBI and Automobile Finance

In conclusion, the Queclink GB100P emerges as an ideal solution for UBI and automobile finance applications. Its swift installation, BLE compatibility, proven track record in large-scale projects, and robust design make it a standout choice in the rapidly evolving landscape of telematics and insurance data acquisition.

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