Omnicomm LLS 5

Manufacturer: Omnicomm
Omnicomm LLS5

Omnicomm introduces the LLS5 digital fuel level sensor. A groundbreaking solution designed for precise measurement in vehicle fuel tanks and stationary fuel storage facilities. With its auto-calibration function and innovative Fuelscan® technology, the LLS5 addresses the challenges posed by changing fuel characteristics.

Challenges in Fuel Measurement Accuracy

The accuracy of fuel measurements is significantly impacted by the ever-changing characteristics of fuel. Factors such as oil manufacturing methods, fuel additives, seasonal transitions, and refueling at different stations can lead to variations in the physical properties of filled fuel. Traditional capacitive sensors, which measure dielectric permittivity, often result in errors of up to 30% due to discrepancies in fuel characteristics during calibration.

Fuelscan® Technology for Unprecedented Accuracy

To overcome these challenges, Omnicomm integrates its proprietary Fuelscan® technology into the LLS5. This technology ensures an unmatched accuracy level of 99.5% in all conditions. The LLS5 goes beyond conventional sensors by utilizing an additional probe to compare filled fuel characteristics with the calibrated fuel, while setting a new industry standard and providing twice the accuracy of regular capacitive fuel-level sensors.

Reduced Maintenance with Auto-Calibration

One of the standout features of the LLS5 is its ability to auto-calibrate, while reducing the need for frequent maintenance and re-calibration. This innovative capability addresses calibration errors, a common issue affecting 20% of installed sensors. Fleet owners benefit from precise fuel accounting, and installation partners gain customer loyalty by delivering on promises of accuracy.

Highest Ingress Protection for Robust Performance

The LLS5 is designed for durability and resilience. With the highest ingress protection rating of IP69K, it can withstand high-pressure hot-water washes. This robust design ensures consistent performance even in challenging environments.


Omnicomm LLS5 redefines fuel level measurement by combining auto-calibration functionality with Fuelscan® technology. Fleet owners looking for precision in fuel accounting and installation partners aiming to provide accurate solutions can trust the LLS5 to deliver unmatched accuracy and reliability. Upgrade to the LLS5 for a revolutionary approach to fuel level measurement that adapts to changing fuel characteristics seamlessly.