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Nippon NRPAS 600

Nippon NRPAS 600

Nippon NRPAS 600, a clip-on IRVM screen is easily installed on the car OEM Rear View mirror. Equipped with an LED camera, it enhances night vision for optimal visibility.

Key Features of Nippon NRPAS 600:

1. 4.3-inch Digital TFT LCD: The NRPAS-600 boasts a 4.3-inch Digital TFT LCD, providing a clear and vibrant display for enhanced visibility.

2. Auto Detect Power On/Off: Featuring an auto-detect power on/off function, the device ensures seamless operation, adding convenience to your driving experience.

3. Parking Assistance: Enhance your parking skills with the built-in parking assistance feature, making maneuvering easier and safer.

4. PAL/NTSC Compatible: The NRPAS-600 supports both PAL and NTSC, ensuring compatibility with various systems for versatile and hassle-free use.

The Nippon NRPAS 600 stands out as a user friendly addition to your car. Its clip-on design for the OEM Rear View mirror simplifies installation. The 4.3-inch Digital TFT LCD ensures a clear display, accompany by the auto detect power on/off feature for easy operation. With added functionalities like parking assistance and PAL/NTSC compatibility, this device enhances your driving experience, providing both convenience and safety. Elevate your night vision and parking skills with the Nippon NRPAS-600, a reliable and practical addition to your car accessories.

Compatibility and Special Features Nippon NRPAS 600:

This device is compatible with car consoles, ensuring widespread applicability. The special feature of night vision enhances its functionality, which is particularly beneficial during low-light conditions.

Comprehensive Mounting Hardware:

The Nippon NRPAS 600 comes complete with essential mounting hardware, including 2 wiring harnesses, 1 camera, 1 drill, and 1 mirror. This comprehensive kit ensures a hassle free installation process, making it accessible for all users.

Versatile Media Type and Mounting:

Compatible with NTSC and PAL media types, the NRPAS-600 offers flexibility in usage. Its mount type adds utility to the installation process, catering to various preferences.

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