Nippon NDVR-2C

Nippon NDVR-2C

Nippon NDVR-2C, your new Drive Video Recorder equipped with both Front and Rear Camera Support. Capture and cherish your travel moments effortlessly.

Explore the impressive Features of Nippon NDVR-2C:

  • Camera Sensors: Front Camera – GC2053, Back Camera – V06
  • Internal Memory: 512 MB
  • Lens: 4G G-Sensor: Yes
  • Video Resolution: NDVR-2C Front – 1920*1080@30fps, Rear Camera – V06
  • Screen: 3-inch IPS
  • Connectivity: Mini USB, HDMI
  • Special Features: Motion Detection
  • Card Capacity: Up to 64GB
  • Working Voltage: DC10 – 30V
  • Additional Features: NDVR-2C has parking monitor
  • Image Format: JPG
  • Video Format: MOV

With its advanced GC2053 and V06 camera sensors, the NDVR-2C ensures crystal-clear footage of your journeys. Boasting a 512 MB internal memory and 4G lens, it guarantees ample space for your memories. The G-Sensor enhances stability, ensuring your recordings are steady and reliable.

With NDVR-2C Experience top-notch video quality with a resolution of 1920*1080@30fps for the Front Camera and V06 for the Rear Camera. The 3-inch IPS screen provides a clear display of your recordings. Conveniently connect with Mini USB and HDMI ports for seamless data transfer and viewing.

The Nippon NDVR-2C goes beyond standard recorders with its Motion Detection feature, capturing crucial moments effortlessly. With a maximum card capacity of 64GB, you have ample storage for all your adventures.

Operating within a DC10 – 30V working voltage range, this recorder is suitable for various vehicles. The Parking monitor feature adds an extra layer of security, ensuring your vehicle is protected when parked.

The Nippon NDVR-2Csupports JPG image format, making it easy to capture and share snapshots of your travels. The MOV video format ensures compatibility with most devices, allowing you to relive your journeys vividly.

In conclusion, the NDVR-2C is not just a recorder; it’s a companion on your journeys, safeguarding your memories with precision and style. Upgrade your travel experience – save your journey views effortlessly with NDVR-2C.

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