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Navtelecom SMART S-2435

Manufacturer: Navtelecom
Navtelecom SMART S-2435

In the ever-evolving landscape of GPS tracking technology, the Navtelecom SMART S-2435 emerges as a fully-functional 2G tracker designed to elevate tracking capabilities to new heights. With a comprehensive set of advanced features, this tracker stands as a powerful solution for various tracking needs, offering versatility and reliability.

Unmatched Connectivity: Features Overview

Internal GNSS and GSM Antennas: Equipped with internal GNSS and GSM antennas, the SMART S-2435 ensures optimal signal reception, guaranteeing uninterrupted connectivity even in areas with potential signal challenges. This design choice enhances the tracker’s reliability in providing real-time tracking data.

2G Modem: The inclusion of a 2G modem emphasizes consistent and reliable communication. This feature ensures that the tracker maintains a stable connection, facilitating seamless tracking across diverse scenarios.

Enhanced Reliability with Back-Up Features

Back-Up Battery (800 mA/h): Boasting an 800 mA/h back-up battery, the SMART S-2435 ensures continuous tracking functionality, even in the event of power outages. This back-up power source also enhances the tracker’s reliability, ensuring uninterrupted operation crucial for real-time tracking.

Duo SIM Support: With dual SIM support, the tracker adds an extra layer of redundancy to communication channels. This dual SIM capability proves invaluable in areas with varying network strengths, while ensuring consistent and uninterrupted connectivity.

Versatile Interfaces for Tailored Solutions

3 Universal Input Lines: The tracker’s three universal input lines cater to discrete, analog, frequency, pulse meter, or tachometer inputs. This versatility empowers users to customize tracking based on specific requirements while adapting to diverse tracking scenarios.

2 Control Outputs: Featuring two control outputs, the tracker enhances adaptability by allowing users to remotely control devices or systems. This feature adds operational control to the tracking capabilities while providing a comprehensive solution.

Interfaces: RS-232, RS-485, CAN, and 1-Wire: The inclusion of various interfaces, including RS-232, RS-485, CAN, and 1-Wire, provides robust connectivity options. This ensures compatibility with a myriad of devices and systems, expanding the tracker’s utility across different applications.

Advanced Communication and Control Features

MODBUS Protocol Support: With MODBUS protocol support, the tracker seamlessly integrates with MODBUS-compatible devices. This enhances compatibility and interoperability within existing infrastructure, ensuring a smooth tracking experience.

Accelerometer for Eco Driving: Equipped with an accelerometer for Eco Driving, the SMART S-2435 promotes fuel-efficient driving habits. The road accident detection function adds an extra layer of safety, making it a comprehensive solution for fleet management.

Bluetooth 4.0: The integration of Bluetooth 4.0 introduces wireless connectivity, facilitating efficient communication with compatible devices. This feature opens up possibilities for additional functionalities and interactions.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Tracking Experience

In conclusion, the Navtelecom SMART S-2435 redefines 2G tracking by combining unmatched connectivity, robust backup capabilities, versatile interfaces, and advanced communication features. Whether tracking vehicles, assets, or personnel, this tracker offers a comprehensive solution tailored to unique tracking needs. Elevate your tracking experience with the Navtelecom SMART S-2435 and unlock a new level of efficiency in monitoring your valuable assets.