Navtelecom SMART S-2421

Manufacturer: Navtelecom
Navtelecom SMART S-2421

Discover the cutting-edge features of the Navtelecom SMART S-2421, a high-performance tracker designed to elevate your tracking experience. With built-in GLONASS/GPS and GSM antennas, a powerful 2G modem, and versatile interfaces like 1-Wire and Bluetooth, this tracker is set to redefine precision tracking in diverse applications.

Built for Reliability and Efficiency

Built-in Battery (380 mAh):
Equipped with a robust 380 mAh built-in battery, the SMART S-2421 ensures continuous tracking without interruption. This feature enhances the reliability of the tracker, while making it ideal for long-duration tracking scenarios.

Integrated GLONASS/GPS and GSM Antennas:
The tracker features integrated GLONASS/GPS and GSM antennas, whileguaranteeing optimal signal reception. This dual-antenna design ensures seamless connectivity, also providing accurate and real-time tracking data.

Advanced Connectivity Options

2G Modem with SIM Card:
With a powerful 2G modem and a dedicated SIM card slot, the tracker also ensures reliable communication. This setup enables the device to transmit tracking data efficiently, even in areas with 2G network coverage.

1-Wire and Bluetooth Interfaces:
The SMART S-2421 offers versatile connectivity through 1-Wire and Bluetooth interfaces. These interfaces also allow seamless integration with additional equipment, expanding the tracker’s capabilities for various tracking applications.

Enhanced Protection and Control

Power and Input Line Protection:
Featuring power protection and input line protection up to 200V, the tracker safeguards against voltage fluctuations. This protective measure also ensures the longevity of the device, even in challenging power conditions.

Universal Input and Control Lines:
With three universal input lines and two control output lines, the tracker provides flexibility in configuring and customizing tracking setups. This adaptability caters to a wide range of tracking requirements.

Smart Features for Streamlined Operations

1-Wire Interface for Additional Equipment:
The inclusion of a 1-Wire interface facilitates easy connection to additional equipment, enhancing the tracker’s functionality. This feature allows users to expand the capabilities of the tracker based on specific tracking needs.

Bluetooth 4.0 for Wireless Connectivity:
With Bluetooth 4.0 integration, the tracker enables wireless connectivity for efficient data transfer. This feature adds convenience and opens up possibilities for seamless interactions with compatible devices.

Conclusion: Embrace Precision Tracking with SMART S-2421

In conclusion, the Navtelecom SMART S-2421 emerges as a versatile and reliable tracking solution with its advanced features and connectivity options. Whether for vehicle tracking, asset monitoring, or personnel management, this tracker sets a new standard in precision tracking. Embrace the future of tracking technology with the Navtelecom SMART S-2421, where reliability meets innovation.

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