Navtelecom SMART S-2410

Manufacturer: Navtelecom
Navtelecom SMART S-2435

Explore the straightforward yet powerful capabilities of the Navtelecom SMART S-2410, a no-frills tracker designed for simplicity without compromising accuracy. With built-in GLONASS/GPS and GSM antennas, a 2G modem, and versatile input lines for various sensors, this tracker also ensures reliable tracking in a hassle-free package.

Efficient Tracking with Minimal Complexity

Integrated GLONASS/GPS and GSM Antennas:
The SMART S-2410 boasts built-in sensitive GLONASS/GPS and GSM antennas, while guaranteeing optimal signal reception for accurate and real-time tracking. This streamlined design eliminates the need for external antennas, simplifying installation.

2G Modem with SIM Card:
Equipped with a 2G modem and a dedicated SIM card slot, this tracker ensures seamless communication. It leverages the 2G network for efficient data transmission, while making it suitable for areas with 2G coverage.

Versatile Input Lines for Customized Monitoring

Discrete and Analog Input Lines:
With four discrete input lines and one analog line (configurable as discrete), the SMART S-2410 provides flexibility in connecting limit switches and analog sensors. This versatility allows users to tailor the tracker to specific monitoring requirements.

Smart Control Outputs for Enhanced Functionality
Control Output Line:
The inclusion of a control output line adds a layer of functionality to the tracker. Users can employ this feature to control external devices or systems based on tracking data, enhancing the overall utility of the tracker.

Power Protection for Device Longevity
Power Protection up to 200V:
Ensuring the durability of the device, the SMART S-2410 features power protection up to 200V. This protective measure guards against voltage fluctuations, while contributing to the longevity and reliability of the tracker.

Bluetooth 4.0 for Seamless Connectivity
Wireless Connectivity with Bluetooth 4.0:
The tracker incorporates Bluetooth 4.0 technology, enabling wireless connectivity for efficient data transfer. This feature adds a layer of convenience and opens up possibilities for seamless interactions with compatible devices.

Conclusion: Simplified Precision Tracking

In conclusion, the Navtelecom SMART S-2410 stands as a testament to streamlined precision tracking. With its minimalistic design, integrated antennas, and versatile input lines, this tracker offers a simplified yet effective solution for tracking needs. Embrace efficiency without compromising accuracy with the Navtelecom SMART S-2410—an ideal choice for straightforward tracking applications.

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