Naturelink NL02

Manufacturer: Naturelink
Naturelink Nl02

The Naturelink NL02 vehicle tracker is an advanced, highly reliable device designed to enhance your fleet management and vehicle tracking capabilities. It’s not only cost-effective but also equipped with top-tier features that cater to a broad range of tracking applications. Here’s a detailed look at what makes the Naturelink NL02 an exceptional choice:

Naturelink NL02 Overview:

  • Robust Connectivity: This device offers 4G LTE CAT 1 GNSS connectivity with a fallback option to 2G networks. It ensures continuous tracking capabilities even in remote areas.
  • Enhanced Compatibility: Featuring Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, the Naturelink NL02 seamlessly integrates with both BLE and Analog sensors, promoting flexibility in monitoring various vehicle parameters.
  • Comprehensive Tracking: The tracker is small, smart, and compact but packed with powerful tracking capabilities. It is ideal for basic track & trace applications, making it perfect for fleet management.

Naturelink NL02 Key Features:

  • Durability: The IP67 rating guarantees that the tracker is both waterproof and dustproof, ready to withstand harsh environmental conditions.
  • Reliability: It includes a high-gain built-in GNSS and GSM antennas that ensure accurate location tracking and stable connections.
  • Power Efficiency: A wide voltage power supply enhances its compatibility with different vehicle types without compromising on performance.
  • Backup Battery: An internal backup battery ensures tracking continues even if the vehicle’s power supply is interrupted.

Installation and Operation:

  • Easy Installation: Quick and straightforward to install, the Naturelink NL02 can be up and running in no time, minimizing downtime and enhancing productivity.
  • Configurable Ports: The device features simple configurable I/O ports for various functions such as ignition detection and remote safe fuel cut-off.
  • Behavior Monitoring: Equipped with a 3-axis accelerometer, the Naturelink NL02 detects driving behavior events, helping to improve driver safety and vehicle efficiency.


  • Car Rental and Leasing: Improve fleet management and vehicle security, reducing risks and costs.
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery: Quickly locate and recover stolen vehicles with real-time tracking.
  • Delivery and Courier Services: Optimize route planning and ensure timely deliveries with effective tracking.
  • Logistics: Enhance operational efficiency by monitoring vehicle movements and status.
  • Insurance Telematics: Provide precise data to insurance companies for accurate telematics-based policy pricing.

Additional Benefits:

  • Multiple Alerts Supported: The tracker supports various alerts, helping you stay informed about critical events like unauthorized access or accidents.
  • Integration Capabilities: It easily integrates with Fleet Management Systems (FMS) through an RS232 serial port, enhancing its utility in professional fleet operations.

Conclusion: The Naturelink NL02 tracker is not just a tool but a comprehensive solution for managing your vehicles efficiently. Its robust features and easy deployment make it perfectly ideal for a wide range of applications from vehicle leasing to logistics and insurance telematics. This compact and reliable device ensures that you are equipped to handle today’s dynamic fleet management challenges effectively. Whether it’s tracking a single vehicle or an entire fleet, the Naturelink NL02 provides the accuracy and reliability you need to operate with confidence.

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