Naturelink NL01

Manufacturer: Naturelink
Naturelink NL01

The Naturelink NL01 GNSS vehicle tracker stands out as an adaptable tracking solution that caters to a variety of fleet applications. This advanced device is available in two hardware versions—CAT 1 and CAT M1 & NB-IoT—each designed to optimize connectivity and ensure robust performance across diverse operating environments.

Key Features of the Naturelink NL01:

  • Dual Network Connectivity: It supports both 4G LTE and 2G networks, ensuring reliable coverage and continuous tracking capabilities.
  • High-Precision Tracking: Equipped with a high-accuracy GNSS dual-mode positioning system, the NL01 provides precise location updates, crucial for efficient fleet management.
  • Enhanced Communication Ports: Includes two RS232 serial ports, enabling integration with an RFID Reader for advanced driver management and connectivity with essential peripherals.
  • Versatile Configurations: The device boasts multiple configurable inputs and outputs, allowing customization according to specific operational requirements.
  • Extended Battery Life: Features a 500mAh backup battery, ensuring continuous operation even when external power sources are unavailable.
  • Durable Components: Built with industrial-level chipsets along with high-gain GNSS and LTE antennas, it guarantees stable network connections and signal reception under various conditions.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Internal Bluetooth capabilities facilitate connections with BLE temperature and humidity sensors, as well as BLE fuel sensors, making it perfect for cold chain management in fleet vehicles.

The Naturelink NL01 tracker is particularly suited for sectors such as international logistics, refrigerated transport, agriculture, construction and mining, as well as security and emergency services. Its robust design and flexible features make it an ideal choice for managing complex fleet operations.

Additional Benefits:

  • Driving Behavior Monitoring: Helps in assessing and improving the driving patterns of fleet operators.
  • Fuel Level Monitoring: Keeps track of fuel usage, reducing the possibility of fuel theft and optimizing consumption.
  • Flexible Geofence Settings: Allows operators to set up geographical boundaries and receive alerts when vehicles enter or exit these zones.
  • Firmware Updates Over-The-Air (OTA): Simplifies the process of updating software, ensuring that the device always operates with the latest features and security patches.
  • Integrated Alerts System: Supports multiple alert configurations, enhancing the safety and operational efficiency of fleet management.
  • Compatibility with FMS Platforms: Seamless integration with existing Fleet Management Systems (FMS), including CAN FMS J1939, further extends its utility and adaptability.

The Naturelink NL01 GNSS vehicle tracker is not just a tool, but a complete solution to boost your fleet’s efficiency and safety. With its advanced features and wide uses, it is ready to become a key asset in fleet management. Whether you deal with critical logistics or everyday vehicle tracking, the NL01 provides the reliability and flexibility you need to stay ahead.

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