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MyRope Innovation M528

1) GPS positioning that is accurate with a dynamic positioning variance of no more than 5 m;

2) GPRS and SMS tracking mode; GPRS mode uses TCP communication protocol;

3) Instantly determine current location and facilitate real-time tracking (GPS data uploading periodically);

4) Voice surveillance

5) Guard equipment against high voltage;

Data can be sent again in a signal dead zone;

7) Disable the engine remotely;

8) 3 digital inputs for monitoring the state of the door, engine, and air conditioning;

9) SOS, power-off, over-speed, parking, Geo-fence, and fatigue driving alarms;

10) Mileage information;

11) Sign up with Ibutton to find drivers (optional);

12) Connect with a temperature or fuel sensor to monitor temperature and fuel (optional);

13) Remote firmware updates.

gps device