Mokosmart VT001

Manufacturer: Mokosmart
Mokosmart VT100

The Mokosmart VT001 series vehicle tracker revolutionizes the way we monitor vehicles by offering a comprehensive and intelligent solution. Utilizing a blend of advanced technologies, this device ensures that vehicle owners have real-time access to the location and condition of their vehicles. Below, we explore the remarkable features of the VT001 vehicle tracker and how it stands out in providing security and peace of mind to vehicle owners.

Mokosmart VT001 Cutting-Edge Location Tracking

  • Advanced Technologies: The Mokosmart VT001 harnesses the power of multiple location technologies including GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System), LBS (Location-Based Services), Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. This blend ensures precise tracking under various conditions.
  • Global Coverage: It supports a wide array of network technologies such as LTE CAT.1, CAT.M, NBIOT, and GSM/GPRS/EDGE. This global network compatibility means that the tracker can function seamlessly across different regions worldwide.

Enhanced Vehicle Monitoring

  • Integrated Sensors: The device comes equipped with a range of sensors to monitor various aspects such as location, pull-out, traction, collision, and vibration. Additionally, it can be customized with extra sensors like temperature and humidity monitors through GPIOs (General Purpose Input/Output).
  • Peripheral Interface Support: Mokosmart VT001 supports multiple peripheral interfaces including GPIO, RS485/TTL, etc. This allows for the monitoring of various vehicle statuses such as ignition (ACC), door status, or alarm button activation. Furthermore, the digital output capability enables remote engine shutdown, enhancing security measures.

Reliable and User-Friendly Features

  • Remote Updates and Data Management: The tracker supports OTA (Over-The-Air) firmware upgrades and connects to a visual data management platform for ease of use.
  • Consistent Reporting: Data is transmitted hourly. In the event of a network failure, local storage is activated to ensure no data loss.
  • Alarm System: An advanced alarm system triggers notifications for abnormalities such as low battery, unauthorized movements, and more.

Seamless Integration and Power Management

  • Compact Design: The Mokosmart VT001’s compact size allows for discreet installation in vehicles, making it less prone to tampering.
  • Power Supply: It connects directly to the vehicle for power but also includes a small built-in battery. This battery serves as a backup power source and enables external power failure alarms.
  • ACC Ignition Detection: This feature not only helps in monitoring the vehicle’s ignition status but also provides the capability to remotely turn off the engine if necessary.

Key Takeaways

  • The Mokosmart VT001 vehicle tracker is a pioneering solution for vehicle monitoring, offering unparalleled accuracy and global compatibility.
  • Its integration of various location technologies and sensors enables comprehensive monitoring of the vehicle’s status.
  • Features such as remote firmware upgrades, consistent data reporting, and an advanced alarm system enhance the user experience.
  • Its compact design and efficient power management system ensure seamless integration and reliable operation.

In summary, the V series vehicle tracker, particularly the VT001 model, represents a significant advancement in-vehicle monitoring technology. It not only provides real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities but also offers a wide range of features designed to ensure the security and efficient management of vehicles. This makes it an invaluable tool for individuals and businesses alike, seeking to maintain control and oversight over their vehicles.

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