Mokosmart M2

Manufacturer: Mokosmart
Moko M2

Moko M2 – Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) emerges as a revolutionary wireless network technology, specifically designed to enhance location visibility for people within its proximity. This innovation not only simplifies the process of locating individuals but also plays a crucial role in asset tracking, making it a valuable tool for monitoring valuable items.

At the heart of BLE’s asset tracking capabilities lies the M2 BLE asset tracking beacon, a device that harnesses the power of Bluetooth Low Energy technology. The versatility of the Moko M2 beacon means it’s equally effective whether used indoors to keep tabs on inventory or outdoors for other critical organizational needs. Its portability and straightforward installation process make it an attractive option for various applications. Setting up the M2 beacon is hassle-free, requiring no specialized tools. Whether you prefer to hang, screw, or stick it onto a surface, the process is simple and user-friendly.

The M2 asset management beacon boasts an impressive range of up to 160 meters, provided the space is open and free of obstructions. To facilitate smooth interaction with the device, the BEACONX PRO APP is available for both iOS and Android devices. This app simplifies the process of connecting to the beacon, making its operation smooth and straightforward.

Moko M2 Features:

  • At its core, the device features the Nordic nRF52811 SoC, ensuring compatibility with Bluetooth 5.1 technology.
  • It incorporates an integrated 3-axis accelerometer and a magnetic (Hall-effect sensor) switch, increasing its tracking capabilities.
  • The accelerometer sensor is adept at motion detection, identifying movement of the Beacon with precision.
  • Compatibility with both iOS and Android smartphones is ensured, along with the provision of an SDK for easy customization and configuration.
  • Offers an extensive broadcast range of up to 160 meters, allowing for broad area coverage.
  • Equipped with integrated sensors for measuring temperature and humidity, adding to its versatility.
  • Features an integrated barometer, aiding in precise asset label location by the gateway.
  • Capable of storing over 100,000 temperature, humidity, and door status records thanks to its onboard storage flash.
  • Powered by a durable 1000-mAh lithium coin battery, which is replaceable, ensuring long-term usability.
  • The smartphone application is designed for effortless configuration, making the setup and use of the beacon straightforward for users.

In conclusion, the Moko M2 BLE asset tracking beacon stands out as a comprehensive solution for asset management and location tracking. Its blend of advanced technology, ease of use, and wide range of features make it an important tool for organizations looking to optimize their asset tracking and management processes. With the M2 beacon, staying on top of asset locations and conditions has never been easier, highlighting its significance in the modern technological landscape.

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