Mobile DVR F4

Manufacturer: Yuwei
Mobile DVR F4

Yuwei Full HD Car Mobile DVR F4, is a groundbreaking AI mobile DVR that boasts high-definition clarity. Crafted with a robust, industrial-grade processing chip at its heart, it seamlessly integrates global 4G connectivity, WIFI capabilities, DVR functions, and dual-mode BDS/GPS location tracking.

F4 is engineered to offer an exhaustive record of vehicle journeys and video surveillance features. Thanks to its potent AI computing capabilities, the F4 delivers top-tier monitoring functions like ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance System), BSD (Blind Spot Detection), DSM (Driver Status Monitor), along with tracking passenger and cargo status. This guarantees an elevated level of smart surveillance, boosting overall safety measures.

Key Features:

At the heart of  mobile DVR F4’s dangerous driving alert and driver monitoring system lies a world-class visual recognition algorithm engine, known for its precision and dependability;

It enables smart monitoring features, including ADAS, BSD, and DSM, in addition to tracking passenger and cargo loads;

Offers the convenience of network-based remote updates and supports real time satellite tracking through GPS/Beidou;

Provides six channels for analog video inputs, which include two channels for 1080P high definition video, two audio input channels, one IPC input, and one CVBS output, facilitating comprehensive audio and video smart monitoring and recording;

Data storage is versatile, supporting both hard disk and SD card options to double down on data security.

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