Mielta Temperature Sensor

Manufacturer: Mielta Technology
temperature sensor

The Mielta Temperature Sensor emerges as a game-changer, offering the flexibility to connect to any on-board network with a voltage range from 10 to 36 V. This adaptability ensures seamless integration into a variety of systems, catering to diverse applications.

Innovative Power Stabilizer: Enhancing Compatibility

Connecting to Any On-Board Network: Mielta goes beyond limitations by featuring a built-in power stabilizer. This innovative addition allows the temperature sensor to connect effortlessly to on-board networks with voltages ranging from 10 to 36 V. This wide voltage compatibility ensures its usability across a spectrum of vehicles and settings.

Common On-Board Network Power Source: Diverging from traditional counterparts, the Mielta temperature sensor draws its power from a common on-board network rather than relying solely on the 1-Wire data line. This strategic design choice contributes to enhanced reliability and a simplified power supply configuration.

Precision in Temperature Measurement: Focused on Sensor Fastening Zones

Designed for Strategic Temperature Measurement: Mielta Temperature Sensor isn’t just a sensor. It’s a precision instrument designed for strategic temperature measurement. Specifically tailored for measuring temperature in the zones where the sensor is fastened, it ensures accuracy in the most critical areas.

Heat-Sensitive Element Zone Measurement: The sensor operates by measuring temperature in the heat-sensitive element zone, ensuring that the recorded values are reflective of the actual conditions in the targeted areas. This focused approach adds a layer of precision to temperature monitoring.

Efficient Data Transmission: 1-Wire Interface Mastery

Seamless Data Transmission: Mielta Temperature Sensor excels not only in measurement precision but also in efficient data transmission. Utilizing a 1-Wire interface, the sensor seamlessly sends temperature readings, enabling swift and reliable communication with connected systems.

Conclusion: Mielta Temperature Sensor – Redefining Temperature Monitoring

In conclusion, the Mielta Temperature Sensor redefines temperature monitoring with its adaptability, precision, and innovative features. Whether it’s the broad voltage compatibility, focus on critical measurement zones, or efficient data transmission, Mielta stands as a testament to advancements in temperature sensing technology. Elevate your temperature monitoring experience with the Mielta Temperature Sensor and stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of sensor innovation.