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Mielta Katana

Manufacturer: Mielta Technology

The Mielta Katana Fuel Level Sensor is specially designed for those who value the perfect price-quality ratio. The sensor took from its «elder brother» – the dut Mielta Zond – a verified, carefully selected component base, a solid vandal-resistant aluminium body, spark-proof power supply.
The sensor has metal tools for wiring. The universal connector, which has become a industry standard, facilitates the installation.

The unified length of the measuring part of 70 cm allows the use of the sensor in a variety of spheres.
Due to the software processing of the data, the accuracy of the sensor measurement is not more than 1 per cent. Configurable frequency output and RS-485 digital interface with LLS protocol support at different data exchange speeds allow optimum configuration of control system for each object.
The advanced configuration and data exchange protocol, software update, password protection, configuration change log, and the possibility of storing the calibration table in combination with the PC configuration program allows to adjust the sensor flexibly and quickly.

Mielta Katana

Introducing the Mielta Katana Fuel Level Sensor, a top choice for those who give importance to an optimal price-quality ratio. Derived from its predecessor, the Mielta Zond, this sensor inherits a specifically chosen component base. A robust vandal resistant aluminum body, and a spark-proof power supply.

Wiring becomes a breeze with the sensor’s metal tools, and the installation process is further simplified by the universal connector, now an industry standard. The measuring part boasts a unified length of 70 cm, providing versatility for a wide range of applications.

Achieving a remarkable accuracy of no more than 1 percent, thanks to advanced software data processing, the sensor offers configurable frequency output and an RS-485 digital interface with LLS protocol support. This enables optimal configuration of the control system for various objects, taking care of diverse needs.

What sets the Mielta Katana apart is its advanced configuration and data exchange protocol. With features like software updates, password protection, configuration change log, and the ability to store the calibration table, users can easily and flexibly fine tune the sensor according to their requirements. The inclusion of a PC configuration program further enhances the adjustment process.

In summary, the Mielta Katana Fuel Level Sensor stands out for its unbeatable combination of quality, affordability, and adaptability. Whether you’re in automotive, industrial, or other sectors, this sensor ensures precise measurements and seamless integration into your control systems. Elevate your sensing experience with Mielta Katana.