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Mictrack MT825

Manufacturer: Mictrack

The Mictrack MT825 emerges as a compact and waterproof GPS tracker tailored for pets and personal applications, ensuring durability and reliability. Integrating both GPS and WiFi technologies, it guarantees the utmost precision in location tracking.

Location and Tracking: Unparalleled Precision

Benefit from continuous and interval tracking modes, providing flexibility to suit diverse tracking needs efficiently. The combination of GPS and WiFi technologies ensures the most accurate and reliable location information for peace of mind.

Mobile Networks: Comprehensive Connectivity

With mobile network compatibility spanning 850/900/1800/1900Mhz, the MT825 offers versatile connectivity. Embracing 4G capabilities, it ensures seamless communication and data transmission for real-time tracking and monitoring.

Location and Tracking Features of Mictrack MT825:

1. Continuous and Interval Tracking Modes: Offering both continuous and interval tracking modes, ensuring flexible tracking options based on preferences.

2. Mobile Networks: Compatible with mobile networks across 850/900/1800/1900MHz and supports 4G technology for efficient connectivity.

Power Supply of Mictrack MT825:

1. 680mAh Li-Ion Battery: Powered by a 680mAh Li-Ion built-in battery, providing lasting power for uninterrupted usage.

Additional Features:

1. Emergency Button: Equipped with an emergency button for immediate assistance or alerts during critical situations.

2. Remote Management: Features remote management capabilities, allowing easy and convenient device control from a distance.

In essence, the MT825 stands out as a compact and waterproof GPS tracker tailored for both pet and personal usage. Its integration of GPS and WiFi technologies promises precise location tracking. Offering versatile tracking modes, mobile network compatibility, a robust battery, and essential features like an emergency button and remote management, it ensures reliable and efficient performance in various situations.

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