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Mettax MC908

Manufacturer: Mettax

The MC908, a remarkable 4G 8-Channel Mobile DVR designed for remote video surveillance. With support for up to eight cameras, this MDVR boasts a high-speed processor, an embedded Linux operating system, and cutting-edge technologies like H.265 video compression, 3G/4G connectivity, GPS/BDS positioning, and Wi-Fi. Plus, it records videos in crisp 1080p quality.

Moreover, the MC908 offers the convenience of remote driving information logging and video uploads. The management platform provides central remote video surveillance, comprehensive vehicle management, and playback analysis with alarm integration. Notably, this product incorporates AI algorithms, including ADAS alerts, Blind Spot Detection (BSD), and Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS), effectively enhancing traffic safety and reducing pedestrian-vehicle accidents.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the standout features of the MC908:

  1. 8-Channel Camera Support: With the ability to accommodate eight cameras simultaneously, the MC908 ensures comprehensive monitoring from various angles.
  2. Efficient Video Encoding: The device utilizes H.265/H.264 encoding and decoding technology to optimize memory space usage, ensuring efficient storage of video data.
  3. Advanced AI Algorithms: The MC908 comes equipped with three crucial AI algorithms: DMS, ADAS, and BSD, providing valuable assistance to drivers for improved safety.

In summary, the MC908 4G 8-Channel Mobile DVR is a reliable choice for those seeking remote video surveillance solutions. Its impressive camera capacity, efficient video encoding, and AI-powered features make it an excellent tool