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Mettax MC403

Manufacturer: Mettax

The MC403 4G AI Built-in Dashcam is an advanced dash camera designed to enhance road safety. It comprises one built-in camera and three extended cameras, all equipped with an AI processor. This smart technology helps detect crucial driving events like lane departures, forward collisions, headway monitoring warnings, and inappropriate driver behavior such as mobile phone use, fatigue driving, smoking, and even lens obstructions. Its primary aim is to assist drivers in reducing traffic accidents and improving fleet management efficiency.

Features of Mettax MC403:

  • Reliable Witness for Accident: Secure Your Evidence

In the event of dangerous driving, the MC403 acts as a dependable witness. It swiftly detects such incidents, capturing photos, videos, and GPS positions. This valuable data is then uploaded to the cloud for later review, ensuring that you have the necessary evidence at your disposal.

  • 4-CH Recording with DMS and ADAS: Double Protection

Equipped with a built-in ADAS dash camera, an extended DMS camera, and two additional cameras, this device supports four-channel recording. These cameras capture crystal-clear views, providing you with comprehensive coverage and added safety during your daily commute.

  • Remote Video & Audio Surveillance: Stay Connected

With its 1080P HD resolution, built-in microphone, and speaker, the MC403 allows you to enjoy clear live video and remotely monitor your vehicle at any time and from anywhere. This feature ensures you’re always connected to what’s happening around your car.

  • 4-CH IPs: Data Upload to Multiple Servers

The device supports simultaneous data uploads to a maximum of four platform servers, making it easy to manage and access your data from various sources.

  • Extension Interface: Connect to Sensors and More

Featuring two RS232 interfaces, the MC403 can connect to various sensors, including fuel sensors, temperature sensors, RFID readers, two digital inputs, and one digital output. This flexibility allows you to customize and expand the device to suit your specific needs.

  • Panic Button: Swift Emergency Response

For swift assistance during emergencies, the MC403 is equipped with an efficient SOS button. A single click of this button swiftly summons rescue services, providing you with added peace of mind.