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Mettax MC402

Manufacturer: Mettax

The MC402 4G, is a 4G-enabled AI dash camera for enhanced safety and convenience.

The MC402 is an advanced dash camera with one built-in camera and three extended cameras. Equipped with an AI processor, it detects driving events like lane departure, forward collision, and driver misconduct such as phone usage, fatigue, and smoking. These features are designed to reduce accidents and improve vehicle management efficiency.

Let’s dive into the specifications:

Reliable Witness for Accidents: The high-speed 4G network allows quick uploading of photos, videos, and GPS data to the cloud. This ensures easy access to crucial evidence for later review in case of accidents.

4-Channel Recording with DMS and ADAS: The device features two AI dash cameras and two extended cameras, providing clear images for enhanced safety during your drive.

Remote Video & Audio Surveillance: Offering 1080P HD video with a built-in microphone and speaker, the MC402 ensures clear live video for remote vehicle monitoring, even when you’re away.

4-Channel IPs: The device supports simultaneous data upload to a maximum of four platform servers, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Extension Interface: With two RS232 interfaces, you can connect various sensors like fuel sensors, temperature sensors, and RFID readers. It also includes two digital inputs and one digital output for added functionality.

Panic Button: The MC402 comes with an efficient SOS button and platform, allowing you to swiftly summon rescue services with a single click during emergencies.


In conclusion, the MC402 4G dash camera offers advanced features for enhanced safety and ease of use. With its ability to detect driving events, provide remote monitoring, and support multiple platform servers, it’s a valuable addition to your vehicle, contributing to a safer and more efficient driving experience.