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Meitrack TS299L

Manufacturer: Meitrack

Enter the future of fleet management with the Meitrack TS299L, a state-of-the-art 4G WiFi cigarette lighter GPS tracker. As an esteemed addition to Meitrack’s innovative product line, the TS299L promises seamless integration, unparalleled connectivity, and hassle-free installation for a diverse range of vehicles.

1. Plug-and-Play Convenience: Effortless Installation

The TS299L redefines simplicity with its plug-and-play design, specifically crafted for vehicles equipped with a cigarette lighter plug. This revolutionary model eliminates the need for complex wiring, allowing direct insertion into the cigarette lighter receptacle of private cars, taxis, or trucks.

2. Global Coverage: Tailored for Every Region

With four distinct product versions – TS299L-E, TS299L-A, TS299L-J, and TS299L-AU – the TS299L ensures global compatibility by covering frequency bands across all countries. This broad spectrum caters to the diverse needs of customers worldwide, making it a versatile choice for fleet management solutions.

3. Advanced LTE Connectivity: Unmatched Network Compatibility

Equipped with an advanced LTE module, the TS299L stands at the forefront of network compatibility. Whether it’s FDD, TDD, WCDMA, or GSM networks, this GPS tracker effortlessly adapts, ensuring optimal data transmission in various scenarios.

4. WiFi Hotspot Function: Enhancing Connectivity

Not just limited to GPS, the TS299L features a 2.4 GHz WiFi hotspot function, allowing simultaneous connection to up to eight WiFi networks. This dual functionality elevates connectivity, making it a comprehensive solution for modern fleet management.

5. Intelligent Alert System: Proactive Security Measures

The TS299L empowers users with an intelligent alert system, customizable through the Meitrack Manager software. Set alerts for external power supply cut-off, speeding, geo-fence breaches, S.O.S. signals, low battery, and device status changes. Stay informed and proactive with real-time notifications.

6. Emergency Dispatch: Swift Response to Alerts

In case of an emergency, the TS299L facilitates swift response by alerting the closest police unit to the assigned area. This feature enhances security measures, ensuring immediate action in critical situations.

7. Maintenance Reminder: Smart Vehicle Care

Integrate smart vehicle care into your fleet management strategy with the TS299L. Set maintenance reminder alerts based on mileage and time through the Meitrack MS03 tracking system or Meitrack Manager software. Stay ahead of vehicle maintenance needs for optimized performance.

Conclusion: TS299L – Elevating Fleet Management Standards

In conclusion, the Meitrack TS299L stands as a beacon of innovation in fleet management solutions. With its plug-and-play convenience, global compatibility, advanced connectivity, and intelligent alert system, the TS299L redefines how businesses approach vehicle tracking and security. Stay connected, stay secure with the TS299L 4G WiFi cigarette lighter GPS tracker