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Meitrack TC68SL

Manufacturer: Meitrack

Meet the Meitrack TC68SL, a state-of-the-art 4G plug & play wireless GPS tracker designed to enhance your vehicle’s functionality. This device goes beyond standard tracking, offering features like live tracking, anti-theft functions, and seamless connectivity. Whether you own a private car or any motor vehicle equipped with an OBD II connector, the TC68SL is the perfect choice.

Plug & Play Installation: Effortless Setup for Instant Tracking

1. Fast and Easy Installation

Experience hassle-free installation with the OBD II plug, allowing you to set up the tracker quickly and efficiently.

Advanced Features: Elevating Your Tracking Experience

2. WiFi Hotspot Functionality

Transform your vehicle into an in-vehicle WiFi hotspot, connecting up to 8 WiFi-enabled devices for on-the-go connectivity.

3. SOS Button for Instant Alerts

Ensure safety with the built-in SOS button, providing an instant alert when pressed for immediate assistance.

4. Disconnect Alert for Enhanced Security

Receive alerts when the device is removed from the OBD connector, adding an extra layer of security against unauthorized tampering.

Benefits of TC68SL: A Comprehensive Solution

Effortless Installation

The TC68SL’s OBD connector ensures a plug & play setup, while saving you time and effort in installation.

On-the-Go WiFi Connectivity

Acting as a 4G WiFi hotspot, the tracker enables seamless connectivity for up to 8 devices, while ensuring everyone stays connected.

Emergency Assistance

The SOS button provides a quick and direct way to request assistance in case of emergencies, enhancing the safety features of your vehicle.

Enhanced Security

The disconnect alert feature adds an additional layer of security, notifying you immediately if someone attempts to remove the device.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Driving Experience with TC68SL

Incorporate the Meitrack TC68SL into your vehicle for a transformative tracking experience. With its plug & play installation, WiFi hotspot capabilities, emergency SOS button, and disconnect alert feature, this GPS tracker is not just a tracking device but also a comprehensive solution for your vehicle’s connectivity and security needs. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is equipped with advanced technology, enhancing your driving experience and ensuring safety on the road.

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