Meitrack T399

Manufacturer: Meitrack
T399 GPS Device

Introducing the Meitrack T399 Series, Meitrack’s groundbreaking venture into vehicle GNSS tracking. Leveraging cutting-edge wireless Bluetooth technology, this series sets new standards in connectivity and functionality. Dive into the future of vehicle tracking with three distinct versions catering to different network preferences – WCDMA, LTE Cat M1/NB2, and LTE Cat 1.

Seamless Connectivity with Bluetooth Technology

Unlock a realm of possibilities with Bluetooth communication. The T399 Series seamlessly connects to Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensors and supports multiple Bluetooth beacons simultaneously. This integration enhances tracking precision and opens avenues for diverse applications.

Tailored to Network Preferences

Choose from three versions based on your network requirements – WCDMA, LTE Cat M1/NB2, or LTE Cat 1. Enjoy the flexibility to align your tracking system with your specific network preferences, ensuring optimal performance.

Flexible Configurations with Outstanding I/O Options

Experience unparalleled configuration flexibility with T399’s adaptable I/O options. Tailor the device to meet a wide spectrum of requirements, providing a customized tracking solution for diverse applications.

Rugged Design with IP67 Water Resistance

Designed for resilience, the T399 Series boasts an IP67 water resistance rating. Its specialized casing stands resilient against the elements, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging environments.

Driving Behavior Analysis for Enhanced Safety

Prioritize safety with the T399 Series’ driving behavior analysis function. Detect and analyze driver behaviors such as fatigue, idling, harsh acceleration/braking, harsh cornering, and collisions. Ensure a safe and secure journey for every trip.

High-Temperature Resistance for Harsh Environments

Built to thrive in challenging conditions, the Meitrack T399 Series exhibits high-temperature.

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