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Meitrack T355

Manufacturer: Meitrack
Meitrack T355 GPS Device

Introducing the Meitrack T355, a revolutionary GPS tracker meticulously crafted for tracking goods, valuables, equipment, and various assets. This magnetic tracker sets itself apart with a remarkable standby time of over 4 years, making it a powerhouse solution for prolonged asset monitoring.

1. Prolonged Standby Time: Over 4 Years of Uninterrupted Tracking

Equipped with an inbuilt high-capacity battery, the T355 ensures unparalleled power efficiency, offering an impressive standby time of over 4 years. This extended battery life sets a new standard in asset tracking, providing businesses with a reliable and long-lasting solution.

2. Magnetic Installation: Versatile Attachment to Flat Metal Surfaces

The T355 is designed for convenience with its magnetic installation feature. Featuring two industrial magnets, this tracker effortlessly attaches to flat metal surfaces, offering a versatile solution for a wide range of assets. Its portability and ease of installation make it an ideal choice for various tracking scenarios.

3. Robust Water Resistance: Enduring Harsh Environments

Engineered with an IP66 water-resistant rating, the T355 ensures durability even in challenging environments. Its hard and rugged enclosure not only provides shockproof capabilities but also withstands diverse weather conditions, guaranteeing the tracker’s reliability over the long term.

4. Comprehensive Alerts and Reports: Real-Time Monitoring

The T355 goes beyond basic tracking with its support for multiple alerts and reports. Businesses can benefit from features like speeding alerts, drop alerts, geo-fence alerts, direction change reports, heartbeat reports, and more. This real-time monitoring capability enhances security and enables proactive asset management.

Conclusion: Meitrack T355 – Redefining Asset Tracking Efficiency

In conclusion, the Meitrack T355 stands as a game-changer in asset tracking, offering an optimal blend of extended standby time, magnetic installation, water resistance, and comprehensive monitoring capabilities. Elevate your asset tracking efficiency with the T355, where cutting-edge technology meets reliability and versatility.

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