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Meitrack T322X

Manufacturer: Meitrack
Meitrack T322X

Embrace unparalleled security for private and official vehicles with the Meitrack T322X GPS vehicle tracker. Furthermore, this innovative device is designed to cater to anti-theft needs and personal tracking management. Equipped with smart-voice command features, it also ensures efficient arming/disarming settings, device status queries, and long-term location tracking.

Product Functions and Specifications

1. Position Tracking for Precision Monitoring

1.1 GPS + GSM Positioning

Benefit from dual positioning capabilities for accurate and also reliable tracking. The combination of GPS and GSM also ensures real-time location accuracy.

1.2 Real-Time Location Query

Access up-to-the-minute location information, while providing you with instant insights into the whereabouts of your vehicle.

1.3 Track by Time Interval

Customize tracking preferences by setting intervals, while allowing you to monitor movement patterns over specific time periods.

1.4 Track by Distance

Efficiently track and analyze vehicle movement based on distance traveled, offering detailed insights into travel routes.

1.5 Track by Mobile Phone

Enable seamless tracking through mobile phones, ensuring accessibility and convenience.

1.6 Speeding Alarm

Receive instant alerts for speeding incidents, enhancing safety measures and promoting responsible driving.

1.7 Cornering Report

Get detailed reports on cornering activities, also ensuring a comprehensive overview of vehicle maneuvers.

1.8 Geo-Fence

Establish virtual perimeters and receive alerts when your vehicle enters or exits predefined geographic zones.

2. Anti-Theft Features: Ensuring Comprehensive Protection with Meitrack T322X

2.1 SOS Alarm

Activate the SOS alarm for immediate response in emergency situations, prioritizing your safety.

2.2 GPS Antenna Cut-off Alarm

Receive alerts if there’s any attempt to tamper with the GPS antenna, ensuring continuous tracking capabilities.

2.3 External Power Cut-off Alarm

Stay informed about external power cut-offs, preventing unauthorized shutdowns and enhancing security.

2.4 GPS Blind Spot Alarm

Get notified of GPS blind spots, ensuring continuous tracking coverage and minimizing vulnerabilities.

2.5 Remote Engine Cut-off Alarm

Take control remotely with engine cut-off capabilities, an effective measure against theft.

2.6 Engine or Vehicle Door Status Alarm

Receive alerts for any changes in engine or vehicle door status, while ensuring constant vigilance.

2.7 Towing Alarm

Detect unauthorized towing attempts and receive immediate notifications, preventing vehicle theft.

2.8 Arming or Disarming

Effortlessly manage security settings with convenient arming and also disarming features.

Conclusion: Elevate Security, Ensure Peace of Mind

Incorporate the Meitrack T322X GPS vehicle tracker into your security arsenal to fortify your vehicles against theft. With its comprehensive features, real-time tracking, and anti-theft functionalities, the T322X stands as a reliable solution for private and official vehicle protection. Experience peace of mind knowing your assets are safeguarded with advanced technology and precision tracking.

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