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Meitrack T311

Manufacturer: Meitrack

Enter the world of advanced security with the Meitrack T311, a cutting-edge anti-theft GPS tracking device designed exclusively for motorcycles and electric vehicles. With its innovative features, the T311 ensures not only the safety of your vehicle but also adds convenience to your riding experience.

Meitrack T311 Motorcycle/Electric Vehicle GPS Tracker

Anti-Theft Functionality: Seamless Security Integration

1. Wireless Remote Control and Buzzer

The T311 comes equipped with a wireless remote control and a buzzer, enabling effortless implementation of vehicle arming, disarming, and keyless start functionalities.

2. Easy Anti-Theft Implementation

Leveraging the remote control and buzzer, activating the anti-theft function becomes a simple and effective process.

IP65 Water Resistance: Unmatched Durability

3. Specialized Design for Stability

The T311 boasts an IP65 water-resistant rating, ensuring a stable operating performance even in challenging weather conditions. Its precise and specialized design guarantees unmatched durability.

Multiple Alarms and Reports: Comprehensive Security Measures

4. Diverse Alarm Support

Benefit from a range of alarms, including speeding, towing, external power cut-off, buzzer alerts, and GPS blind spot alarms. The T311 offers comprehensive security measures to safeguard your vehicle.

5. Efficient Energy Conservation

Enjoy the convenience of multiple reports, including a mileage report, facilitating efficient energy conservation. Stay informed about your vehicle’s performance through detailed reports.

Conclusion: T311 – Redefining Vehicle Security

The Meitrack T311 stands as a testament to cutting-edge technology in the realm of two-wheeler security. Its anti-theft features, IP65 water resistance, and diverse alarms make it a standout choice for motorcycle and electric vehicle owners. Experience peace of mind knowing your vehicle is equipped with a GPS tracker that not only enhances security but also contributes to efficient energy use. Ride confidently with T311, your trusted companion on the road.

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