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Meitrack MVT380

Manufacturer: Meitrack

Meet the Meitrack MVT380, an exceptional anti-theft vehicle tracker meticulously crafted for high-end vehicles. With cutting-edge GPS/GSM/GPRS functionalities and unparalleled stability, the MVT380 takes real-time monitoring and vehicle protection to new heights. Tailored for vehicle tracking and fleet management, this device offers an array of features designed to safeguard your valuable assets.

Key Functions: Elevating Security Measures

1. Remote Listen-In: Real-Time Audio Surveillance

Experience the power of real-time audio surveillance with the MVT380’s remote listen-in feature. Moreover, monitor your vehicle’s surroundings and gain insights into potential risks, ensuring a proactive approach to security.

2. Two-Way Calling: Seamless Communication

Facilitate seamless communication with the two-way calling feature. Stay connected with your vehicle, enabling efficient communication whenever needed.

3. Geo-Fence Alarm: Define Safe Zones

Take control of your vehicle’s boundaries with the geo-fence alarm. Define specific zones and receive instant alerts when your vehicle enters or exits these predefined areas, while enhancing security and control.

4. Speeding Alarm: Prioritizing Safe Driving Practices

Prioritize road safety with the speeding alarm feature. Receive real-time alerts for excessive speeds, while allowing you to enforce safe driving practices.

5. Polygonal Geo-Fence Alarm: Precise Boundary Control

Extend your control with the polygonal geo-fence alarm. Create intricate boundaries for your vehicle, ensuring precision in monitoring and security.

6. Towing Alarm: Proactive Theft Prevention

Stay one step ahead with the towing alarm feature. Receive instant alerts in case of unauthorized towing, enabling swift action against potential theft.

Enhanced Buffer and Connectivity: Uninterrupted Security

The MVT380 boasts an 8 MB built-in buffer, ensuring seamless operation even in areas with no GSM signal. This advanced feature allows automatic storage of GPRS data packets during signal loss, ensuring no loss of crucial information. Once the GSM signal is restored, the device automatically sends stored data packets, providing uninterrupted connectivity.

Conclusion: MVT380 – Setting the Standard for Vehicle Security

In conclusion, the Meitrack MVT380 stands as a testament to unparalleled vehicle security. With a robust set of features encompassing real-time monitoring, geo-fencing, and proactive anti-theft measures, the MVT380 ensures that high-end vehicles receive the protection they deserve. Elevate your security standards with the MVT380 anti-theft vehicle tracker.

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