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Meiligao VT310

Manufacturer: Meiligao
Meiligao VT310 GPS Tracker is ideal for vehicle location and Fleet Management tracking solutions.
VT310 of the Meiligao-Meitrack brand can be controlled the hours of service of their service routes or deliveries tasks in real-time from a Tracking Management Platform or send SMS alerts to a predefined Mobile Phone.

The Meiligao VT310 GPS Tracker proves to be an optimal choice for vehicle location and Fleet Management tracking solutions. This Meiligao-Meitrack brand device empowers users to oversee the hours of service for their service routes or delivery tasks in real-time through a Tracking Management Platform. Alternatively, they can opt for the convenience of receiving SMS alerts on a predefined mobile phone and get assured.

In our GPS tracking platform, which aligns with European tachograph regulations, users can efficiently manage scheduled reports and monitor vehicle care driving using the VT310. The platform further supports REST API integration, allowing seamless connections with existing applications at no additional cost. With this, users gain the ability to supervise driving habits, control vehicle preventative maintenance, and manage field service operations according to their specific needs.

Noteworthy features include the capability to utilize our automatic data sending service to external servers, eliminating the need for additional costs. This service facilitates efficient management of service routes and delivery tasks, contributing to overall cost reduction. Additionally, users can exercise comprehensive control over event management without any restrictive requirements. The platform extends the flexibility to manage drivers’ careful driving based on individual preferences.

Key Features of Meiligao VT310 Tracker:

  1. Remote Outputs Control: Yes
  2. Odometer: Yes

Interfaces of Meiligao VT310 Tracker:

  1. Discrete Inputs: 5
  2. Number of Outputs: 5
  3. Analog Sensor: Yes

Meiligao VT310 GPS Tracker excels with user-friendly features, an optimal choice for those seeking efficient vehicle location and Fleet Management. It ensures real-time monitoring and advanced management of service routes, delivery tasks, and driving behaviors with robust capabilities. Its alignment with European tachograph regulations and features like remote output control and odometer enhance appeal in GPS tracking.

Integration of the Meiligao VT310 device is subject to and availability of hardware and to the terms and conditions of our software.