Libi Technologies LT08

Manufacturer: Libi Technologies

Libi Technologies LT08 device designed to deliver cutting-edge tracking capabilities. From real-time positioning to a compact design, this device is equipped with a range of features to meet diverse tracking needs.

Seamless 2G GSM Network Support

The LT08 seamlessly supports 2G GSM networks, ensuring reliable and widespread connectivity for efficient tracking operations.

Built-in GSM & GPS Antenna

With built-in GSM and GPS antennas, the LT08 ensures a streamlined and compact design, eliminating the need for external antennas and enhancing portability.

Real-Time Positioning and Historical Tracking

Experience real-time positioning and access historical tracking data, providing a comprehensive overview of the device’s movements over time.

Geo-Fence In/Out Alarm

The LT08 enhances security with a geo-fence feature that triggers alarms when the device enters or exits predefined geographical boundaries.

ACC Detection for Exact Status

Ensure precise status detection with ACC (ignition) detection, offering insights into the exact operational state of the tracked vehicle.

Oil and Electric Cut and Restore

The LT08 provides the capability to remotely cut and restore oil and electric connections, adding an extra layer of control for various tracking scenarios.

SOS Security Alarm and Voice Monitoring

In emergency situations, the SOS security alarm feature provides a swift response, and the voice monitoring functionality allows for real-time audio monitoring.

Over Speed and Vibration Alarm

Enhance safety with over-speed alarms and vibration alarms, ensuring prompt notifications for potential risks and unauthorized activities.

Compact Design and LED Lights

The LT08 boasts a mini size of 663310.5mm, making it discreet yet powerful. The GPS/GSM LED lights (blue and red) provide visual indicators for GPS and GSM connectivity.

Hardware Technical Specification

Delve into the technical specifications that make the LT08 a robust and efficient tracking device.

  • Network: GSM
  • Data Service: GPRS
  • Frequency: GSM: 850/900/1800/1900
  • LED: Blue – GPS, Red – Power, Green – GSM
  • Switch: ON/OFF
  • Working: ON/OFF button to control the internal battery
  • G-sensor: Support
  • SIM Card Slot: One, Micro SIM Card
  • Wires: Power, GND, Engine Cut, ACC
  • External Power Disconnect Alarm: Support
  • External Power Connection Status Detection: Support
  • GSM Baseband IC: MTK 6261D
  • GSM Band: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • GPRS: Class12
  • GPS Signal: L1, 1575.42MHz C/A code
  • GPS Channels: 56 channels
  • GPS Fixed Time with AGPS: Cold start 15s, hot start 2s
  • GPS Receiving Sensitivity: Tracking: -159dBm, Capturing: -143dBm
  • GPS Positioning Accuracy: 10-15m
  • Average Standby Current: <2.5mA
  • Average Working Current: <55mA
  • Working Temperature: -20~+70 degrees Celsius
  • Working Humidity: 5% to 95%
  • GPS Antenna: Highly sensitive ANT
  • GSM Antenna: Dual band monopole antenna
  • ACC Detect Support: Yes
  • Oil/Power Control Support: Yes
  • Working Voltage: 9V~36V


In conclusion, Libi Technologies LT08 stands as a powerful tracking device with a wealth of features, from real-time positioning to SOS alarms and compact design. Businesses and individuals seeking advanced tracking capabilities can rely on the LT08 to provide accurate and efficient tracking solutions. Unlock a new level of control and monitoring with the LT08.