Libi Technologies LT05

Manufacturer: Libi Technologies
Libi Technologies LT05 GPS DeviceE

Libi Technologies introduces the LT05, a cutting-edge tracking device that redefines precision and reliability in the realm of BDS, GPS, and GSM positioning. With a focus on ultra-wide working voltage, ultra-low power consumption, and a suite of advanced features, the LT05 stands as a testament to our commitment to providing top-tier tracking solutions.

BDS, GPS, and GSM Positioning

The LT05 boasts the powerful combination of BDS, GPS, and GSM positioning, ensuring accurate and real-time tracking. This tri-system integration enhances the device’s ability to provide precise location data, making it an ideal choice for a variety of tracking applications.

Ultra-Wide Working Voltage

Designed for versatility, the LT05 features an ultra-wide working voltage range. This allows the device to operate seamlessly across a spectrum of voltage levels, catering to diverse vehicle and equipment configurations.

Ultra-Low Power Consumption

Efficiency is at the core of the LT05’s design, with ultra-low power consumption as a standout feature. This not only prolongs the device’s operational life but also contributes to cost-effective and sustainable tracking solutions.

Accurate Real-Time Tracking

The LT05 excels in accurate real-time tracking, providing users with up-to-the-minute data on the location and status of their assets. This feature is essential for businesses and individuals seeking precise monitoring capabilities.

Historical Route Tracking

For comprehensive insights into past movements, the LT05 offers historical route tracking. Users can review the device’s journey over a specified period, facilitating detailed analysis and planning.

Electronic Geo-Fence

Enhancing security measures, the LT05 incorporates an electronic Geo-fence feature. Users can define virtual boundaries, receiving alerts when the tracked asset enters or exits the specified areas.

Offline Alarm and Over Speed Alarm

To address various security scenarios, the LT05 includes an offline alarm function, alerting users when the device goes offline unexpectedly. Additionally, an over-speed alarm provides timely notifications when tracked vehicles exceed predefined speed limits.

Vibration Alarm

The LT05 is equipped with a vibration alarm feature, adding an extra layer of security. This function triggers alerts in response to unexpected vibrations, deterring theft and unauthorized use.

Engine Tele-Cutoff (Petrol/Electric)

With the engine tele-cutoff capability, the LT05 enables remote control over the engine. This feature is applicable to both petrol and electric vehicles, allowing users to safeguard assets and manage fuel consumption.

Check Location via SMS and Phone

User convenience is paramount, and the LT05 facilitates location checking via SMS and phone. This accessible method also allows users to quickly retrieve the device’s current location with ease.


In conclusion, the LT05 by Libi Technologies emerges as a comprehensive tracking solution, embodying accuracy, efficiency, and advanced security features. With its multi-system positioning, wide voltage range, and user-friendly functionalities, the LT05 caters to a broad spectrum of tracking needs. As technology evolves, the LT05 also stands as a testament to our dedication to providing cutting-edge tracking devices that empower users with precise and reliable monitoring capabilities.

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