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Libi Technologies LT01-4G

Manufacturer: Libi Technologies

Libi Technologies LT01-4G, a cutting-edge and compact 4G GPS tracker designed specifically for vehicles. This device sets a new standard in vehicle tracking technology, offering advanced features and seamless connectivity for enhanced monitoring.


4G Connectivity

The LT01-4G harnesses the power of 4G connectivity, ensuring faster and more reliable data transmission. This feature enables real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities, enhancing the overall efficiency of the tracking system.

Wide Voltage Support

With support for a voltage range of 9-100 volts, the LT01-4G ensures compatibility with a broad spectrum of vehicles. Whether it’s a motorcycle, car, or a larger vehicle, this tracker is designed to accommodate diverse power systems.

Digital Output for Power Off Relay

Equipped with a digital output, the LT01-4G facilitates seamless integration with a power-off relay. This feature allows users to remotely control the power status of the connected vehicle, adding an extra layer of functionality to the tracking system.

Digital Input for Ignition Detect

The device includes a digital input dedicated to ignition detection. This input provides valuable information about the ignition status of the vehicle, enhancing the tracking system’s ability to provide accurate and timely data.


Enhanced Connectivity

The 4G compatibility of the LT01-4G ensures a faster and more stable connection. This results in real-time tracking updates, while allowing users to monitor their vehicles with greater accuracy and responsiveness.

Versatile Voltage Support

The wide voltage support from 9 to 100 volts makes the LT01-4G versatile and adaptable to various types of vehicles. Whether it’s a standard car or a specialized vehicle with unique power requirements, this tracker can also seamlessly integrate.

Remote Power Control

The digital output for power-off relay enables remote power control, allowing users to manage the power status of the connected vehicle from a distance. This feature also adds an extra layer of security and control to the tracking system.

Ignition Status Insights

The dedicated digital input for ignition detection provides valuable insights into the ignition status of the vehicle. This information contributes to a more comprehensive understanding of the vehicle’s operational state.


In conclusion, Libi Technologies LT01-4G stands as a powerful and advanced solution for vehicle tracking. With 4G connectivity, versatile voltage support, and features like digital output for power-off relay and digital input for ignition detection, this compact GPS tracker offers a comprehensive and efficient solution for monitoring vehicles in real-time. Businesses and individuals seeking a reliable and feature-rich tracking device can trust the LT01-4G to deliver optimal performance and connectivity.