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The KJ03-A is a cutting-edge device designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern surveillance and communication needs. This product combines robust hardware and advanced software to deliver superior performance and reliability in various applications. Below is a detailed breakdown of its features and specifications.

Operating System

The KJ03-A operates on a dual-system platform featuring the Ambarella A12 processor, which includes RTOS (Real-Time Operating System) and Linux. This combination ensures optimal performance and flexibility for diverse user requirements.

Display Screen

The device is equipped with a 2.0-inch HD display screen, providing clear and vivid visuals. This high-definition display ensures users can easily monitor and review footage on the go.

Camera Lens

  • Lens: 2.8mm
  • Aperture: F2.0
  • Field of View: 140°

The wide-angle lens with a 140° field of view captures more of the scene, ensuring no detail is missed.


The KJ03-A uses the Sony IMX323 sensor, renowned for its excellent image quality and low-light performance. This sensor ensures clear and detailed footage even in challenging lighting conditions.

Video Capabilities

  • Resolution: 1080p at 30fps
  • Format: H.264, MP4
  • Encryption: AES256

The KJ03-A records high-definition video at 1080p with a frame rate of 30 frames per second. The videos are encoded in H.264 format and saved as MP4 files, with AES256 encryption to ensure data security.

Photo Capabilities

  • Resolution: Up to 32 megapixels
  • Format: JPG

Capture high-resolution photos with the KJ03-A’s 32-megapixel camera, ensuring every detail is preserved.

Audio Features

  • Microphone: Super microphone
  • Audio Format: AAC
  • Communication: Supports two-way voice intercom and PTT cluster intercom

The KJ03-A includes a super microphone for clear audio recording and supports two-way voice intercom and PTT cluster intercom for seamless communication.


The built-in speaker allows users to listen to audio playback directly from the device, adding convenience for on-site monitoring and communication.

Storage Options

  • Built-in Storage: 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB non-removable microSD (TF) card

Choose from various storage options to suit your data retention needs, with up to 128GB of built-in storage.

GPS and Network

  • GPS: Built-in GPS or Beidou
  • Network: 3G/4G and 2.4G WiFi

The KJ03-A supports both GPS and Beidou for precise location tracking. It also offers 3G/4G connectivity and 2.4G WiFi for reliable data transmission.

Additional Features

  • IR LED: Supports 5-10 meters
  • White Light: Supported
  • Laser Light: Supported
  • Warning Light: Red and blue, optional

The KJ03-A is equipped with infrared LEDs for night vision, white light, laser light, and optional red and blue warning lights for enhanced functionality.


  • SOS Alarm Button
  • Recording Button
  • Photographing Button
  • PTT Button
  • IR-CUT Button
  • Forced Reset Button

The device includes multiple buttons for various functions, ensuring ease of use and quick access to critical features.

Battery and Charging

  • Battery Capacity: 5000mAh
  • Endurance: 18 hours of pure video recording
  • Charging Methods: Seat charge/USB charge, ≤4 hours

The 5000mAh battery provides up to 18 hours of continuous video recording. The device can be charged using a seat charger or USB, with a full charge taking less than 4 hours.

Platform Support

  • Platforms: CMSV9/CMSV6
  • Protocols: JT808/JT1078/GB28181

The KJ03-A supports CMSV9 and CMSV6 platforms, along with JT808, JT1078, and GB28181 protocols, ensuring compatibility with various systems.

Physical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 966234mm
  • Weight: 207g
  • Protection: IP66, 2m drop

The KJ03-A is compact and lightweight, with IP66 protection against dust and water and the ability to withstand drops from up to 2 meters.

Environmental Specifications

  • Operating Temperature: -20℃ to +60℃
  • Humidity: ≤93%

The device is designed to operate in a wide range of temperatures and high humidity conditions, ensuring reliability in various environments.

In summary, the KJ03-A is a versatile and robust device, ideal for users seeking advanced video, audio, and communication capabilities in a compact, durable package.

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