JS-DS-440Plus Dash Cam

Manufacturer: Jetstar
JS-DS-440Plus Dash Cam

JS-DS-440Plus Dash Cam 2-CH Dash Cam stands out with its features, making it a reliable choice for various applications.

Featuring a robust 2-CH 4G Dash Cam with an MTK Chipset, this device ensures optimal performance and functionality.

JS-DS-440Plus Dash Cam Equipped with built-in 4G, GPS, and WIFI Hotspot Function, it provides seamless connectivity for real-time data transmission and tracking.

For extensive storage capability, the dash cam supports a 128GB SD Card, ensuring ample space for recording and storing footage.

In critical situations, the device offers support with a One Key SOS Button designed for quick response to emergency events.

Additionally, the AC off auto sleep mode enhances efficiency during inactivity, allowing for up to 24 hours of parking surveillance.

The compatibility of JS-DS-007Plus with CMSV6 Server, Wialon Server, and various platforms ensures versatility in tracking and management solutions.

In summary, the JS-DS-007Plus 2-CH Dash Cam provides a comprehensive set of features, from reliable connectivity to ample storage and emergency response capabilities. Its compatibility with multiple servers adds to its versatility, making it a valuable asset for various monitoring applications.

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