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Jointech JT802

Manufacturer: Jointech

JT802 tank vehicle savvy valve lock is a sub lock item created based on the current item elements of JT701D/JT701L clever electronic lock. JT701D is the expert lock and JT802 is the sub lock, which can be applied to the administration application situation of one expert and various slave mode (numerous valves) for tank vehicle clients. It upholds the remote difference in item arrangement boundaries. With dispensable lithium manganese battery, the item has low power utilization and can be utilized for quite a while. Simultaneously, it gives high-accuracy resource timing following data through the expert lock JT701D/JT701L/cell phone situating, upholds distant on the web and on location Bluetooth disconnected opening, and supports continuous checking, authentic track playback, valve lock status and caution and other constant following data on various stages. The actual item has passed the blast resistant affirmation (characteristically protected) and is appropriate for blast resistant (naturally protected) handheld terminals. It have some control over the gear through handheld terminals and cloud stage simultaneously, to make a lower cost, more secure, more productive and more smart portable resource situating the board conspire for clients