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i-Trac GPS MT 1

Manufacturer: i-Trac GPS
MT 1

i-Trac GPS MT 1, proudly manufactured by i-Trac GPS, is a versatile and powerful GPS tracker designed for vehicles, motorcycles, and scooters operating within the 8-55V DC range. This ensures widespread compatibility, while making it an ideal choice for various modes of transportation.

Quad Band Connectivity for Enhanced Performance

With quad-band connectivity spanning 850/900/1800/1900MHz, i-Trac GPS MT 1 guarantees seamless communication. This wide bandwidth also allows for reliable tracking and positioning, ensuring that the device performs optimally across different geographical locations.

Stealthy Design for Discreet Tracking

The GPS tracker features a built-in high sensitivity GPS and GSM antenna that facilitates easy hiding. This stealthy design is also a game-changer, allowing the device to be discreetly placed within the vehicle. This feature also adds an extra layer of security, ensuring that the tracker remains hidden from view.

Comprehensive Positioning and Tracking Features

MT 1 boasts advanced GPS/GPRS/GSM/SMS positioning and tracking capabilities. Users can easily track the device through SMS on their cellphone, complete with a Google Maps link for real-time location updates. This level of accessibility ensures users stay connected and informed at all times.

Intelligent Alarm System for Enhanced Security

Equipped with ACC detection, main power-off alarm, geo-fencing, and over-speed alarm features, MT 1 goes beyond basic tracking. The device is not only capable of alerting users to potential theft but also provides real-time notifications for various situations, enhancing overall security.

SEO-Friendly Tracking Solutions

i-Trac GPS MT 1 aligns seamlessly with SEO-friendly practices. Its versatile compatibility, quad-band connectivity, discreet design, and comprehensive tracking features make it an optimal choice for those seeking effective and search engine optimized tracking solutions.


In conclusion, i-Trac GPS MT 1 emerges as a powerful and versatile GPS tracker. It offers a range of features for comprehensive vehicle monitoring. With its wide compatibility, stealthy design, and intelligent alarm system, it sets a new standard in the realm of GPS tracking devices. Elevate your fleet management tracking experience with i-Trac GPS MT 1, your all-in-one solution for reliable and discreet vehicle tracking.