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istartek VT900-L

Manufacturer: iStartek

istartek VT900-L, a GPS car tracker leveraging 4G LTE network technology, is equipped with an inbuilt high-precision GPS positioning module. This innovative device seamlessly communicates location and vehicle status to a dedicated tracking platform through the LTE network. Its core functionalities include real-time monitoring, anti-theft features, and efficient dispatch management, making it a versatile solution applicable to various domains such as fleet management, public transportation, school bus oversight, taxi operations, vehicle insurance, car leasing, and private car security.

Key Features of istartek VT900-L:

  1. GPS+GSM Dual Mode Localization: Benefit from the combined power of GPS and GSM for precise and reliable location tracking.
  2. Dual Server Data Transmission (Optional): Choose between two servers for flexible and efficient data transmission.
  3. Real-Time Tracking: VT900-L Keep a constant eye on your vehicle’s location with instantaneous updates.
  4. Track by Time Interval: Customize tracking intervals to suit your monitoring preferences.
  5. Track by Distance: Monitor your vehicle based on traveled distance for enhanced control.
  6. Heading Change Report: VT900-L Receive reports on changes in vehicle direction for comprehensive tracking.
  7. Track by SMS Command: Effortlessly initiate tracking via simple SMS commands.
  8. SOS Alarm: Ensure immediate response with the SOS alarm feature in emergency situations.
  9. External Power Cut Alarm: Receive alerts when there’s an external power cut, enhancing security measures.
  10. Engine, Door Status Change Alarm: VT900-L Stay informed about changes in engine or door status for proactive management.
  11. Geo-fence: Establish virtual boundaries and receive notifications if the vehicle deviates.
  12. Overspeed Alarm: Be alerted when the vehicle exceeds predefined speed limits.
  13. GPS Blind Area Alarm: Stay informed even in GPS blind spots with specialized alerts.
  14. Accelerated Alarm: Receive notifications for sudden accelerations, enhancing safety measures.
  15. Deceleration Alarm: Stay informed about abrupt decelerations for comprehensive monitoring.
  16. Internal Battery Low Power Alarm: Be proactive with low battery alerts, ensuring continuous functionality.

In conclusion, the istartek VT900-L stands out as a reliable and versatile 4G LTE GPS car tracker, offering a range of features crucial for effective vehicle management across diverse sectors. Whether it’s real-time tracking, anti-theft measures, or customized alerts, this device caters to the diverse needs of fleet managers, public transportation administrators, school authorities, taxi operators, insurers, car leasing agencies, and individuals concerned about private car security. Choose the VT900-L for a comprehensive solution to your vehicle tracking and management needs.

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