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istartek VT900-G 3G

Manufacturer: ISmarttrack
VT900-4G (1)

The GPS vehicle tracking device istartek VT900-G 3G is specially crafted for real-time tracking and fleet management, using GPS/WCDMA technology.

It incorporates an inbuilt GPS module for accurate positioning, utilizing GSM/WCDMA capabilities to transmit data for tracking and fleet management.

Key Features of istartek VT900-G 3G:

  • With internal memory, VT900 can store GPS coordinates during GPRS/WCDMA downtime or at specified user-requested intervals.
  • An optional feature of VT900 is its RS232 port, enabling connection to external equipment such as RFID card readers.
  • VT900-G, a variant of the GPS/WCDMA-based tracking device, excels in real-time vehicle tracking and fleet management.
  • Like its counterpart, VT900-G employs an inbuilt GPS module and GSM/WCDMA capability for efficient position data transmission.
  • Featuring internal memory, VT900-G stores GPS coordinates during connection gaps or at intervals as specified by the user.
  • An additional advantage of VT900-G is its RS232 port, facilitating connections to RFID card readers and other external devices.

The VT005 stands out as a user friendly 4G OBD tracker, streamlining the tracking process with its plug and play design. Its compatibility with standard OBD II connectors ensures an easy installation experience across various vehicles. The device opens up diverse tracking and monitoring possibilities, allowing users to stay connected through SMS, PC Computer, Mobile APP, or a dedicated monitoring platform. This tracker is widely employed for individual vehicle tracking, offering both realtime updates and a comprehensive historical route overview.

In summary, the VT900 and istartek VT900-G 3G devices offer cutting-edge GPS/WCDMA-based tracking solutions, tailored for real-time vehicle tracking and efficient fleet management. Their shared features, including accurate positioning, data transmission capabilities, and internal memory for downtime storage, make them reliable choices. Moreover, the optional RS232 port enhances their versatility, providing users with the flexibility to connect external equipment. Whether it’s the standard VT900 or the enhanced VT900-G variant, both devices cater to the diverse needs of individuals and businesses seeking effective and user friendly GPS tracking solutions.

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