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istartek VT200-L 4G

Manufacturer: iStartek
istartek VT200-L 4G

istartek VT200-L 4G, a 4G GPS tracker for vehicles. Equipped with a high-precision GPS module, it promptly relays vehicle location and status to a service platform via the 4G network. This facilitates real-time monitoring, anti-theft measures, and dispatch management. Its applications span across fleet management, public transportation, school buses, taxi operations, vehicle insurance, leasing, and private car security.

VT200-L has a built-in 128Mb Flash memory. When the device enters the blind area, it will automatically save historical positioning data. When the network recover, it will automatically resend historical positioning data to the service platform.

Notable Features of istartek VT200-L 4G:

The VT200-L 4G boasts a 128Mb Flash memory. In areas with no network coverage, it intelligently stores historical positioning data. Upon network restoration, it automatically transmits saved data to the service platform for seamless tracking.

Additionally, the VT200-L 4G device houses an RS232 port. This port allows connectivity with RFID for driver identification and vehicle control. Furthermore, it facilitates connections with an OBD reader to extract car ECU data and other RS232 peripherals for diverse functionalities.

In essence, the istartek VT200-L 4G stands as a reliable 4G-enabled GPS vehicle tracker, streamlining operations in various domains. Its ability to store and resend data during network outages ensures uninterrupted tracking. Moreover, the RS232 port expands its utility, enabling identity recognition, vehicle control, and integration with diverse peripherals. Choose the VT200-L for enhanced vehicle monitoring and management solutions.